Silas turned 5... 17 days ago!

Our little man of the forest is 5 now. We celebrated his birthday July 12, a day early (notice a trend?). We were very blessed to have some friends in town from long ago for an evening and ended up with 18 people in our home.  I hadn't really done the math for the party. I knew to buy 4 packages of weiners and 2 pounds of raw beans, but until my friend who was here pointed out the crowd about to embark on our home for his party I really didn't notice the total. We accounted for 10 of the 18, so I guess that's really not that many. 

Silas wanted a cowboy party. We grilled tubular steaks, baked beans, potato salad, sauerkraut, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes with a grand horse cake to top it all off for his celebration. The day before our friends from long ago came we had some other friends staying with us for a few days. Jackie and their oldest daughter made the cake. The girls saved me so much work. I was grateful! The party was so fun. We are so thankful for our little man. I only wish I would have had the opportunity to blog about it sooner.

Silas and a cowboys shooting star!

Stand back! Libby's got the bat!

Game time for the more refined at the party. The rest of the kids were content to run amuck with cowboy guns.

A classic gusto of a blow! Good job little man.

Silas, we love you so much. You are such a wonderful big brother to Samuel and to Hazel. We love how you are so tender and dear. You have such a faithful soul about you. What a pleasure it is to be your mommy. May you always be truthful, faithful, strong, and dear. Happy Birthday!


Busy Blogger.

Busy with other things that is. I'm consumed with the sweetest souls around. They keep me on my toes, they keep me praying. I'm so thankful for the little and big loves that God has surrounded me with. We keep busy with normal things. Like eating, drinking, playing, and being merry. My days are filled with laughter, my nights with talking and sleeping. The kids sprout up like wild shoots. Nothing to bind them, nothing to hinder the days the God of this broad universe has planned for them. I marvel that I am growing older and they are entering into the funnest times of their youth. When did I get so old? Oh, yes, it was on that John Deer Tractor ride. I remember now. 

Hazel turned one. I don't know why I see that as such a mile marker, but I do. I think to myself, I'm half of 70 now, my life may be half over. What should I do? I look at Samuel who wants to do everything by himself. Silas wants to talk to me about an expanse of new ideas that fill his mind. His little lips can't keep up with how quickly his mind is working. Libby tells me her mouth is big... she can use the big silverware now. "Please don't give me the little silverware anymore Mommy! Please talk Spanish Mommy!." Louisa runs a mile and a half and she is still a white girl after. I run a mile and a half and I look like a Martian! Benjamin has a crooked spine. He needs a CT scan for some various little issues that the doctor is not concerned about, but because we have the insurance and it's procedure "let's do it." Yet, when he's home he does hundreds of pushups and dead hang pull ups. He wants to compete against any warm blooded creature that comes through the door. Jackie is striking. She's changing into a young lady and dominates the kitchen when I'm not doing so. She is smart and perceptive. What else can I say? Colby Brett conquered the Chicken Pox like a pro and enjoys building legos again.. Who knew? Then there's Jake who's the most amazing man. How can one man be so impressive? We are praying he'll be selected to Lieutenant Colonel this fall. And Me? I'm older, I look like a Martian after I run. That Indian blood pumps hard through my veins. I wonder what the rest of my days will look like? Will I always be so tired? Will I always have a baby in my reach? What else will I do? What else is there to do? Bringing up my children in the fear and admonition of the Lord fits the bill. May I never waste away with the lusts and stupid pleasures of this life! May I always be weird and strange to those who sojourn here on this earth! May I be what God has for me and no one else. 

Alright, alright. I ramble, yes I gab when given the chance. I think that's what this blog is for. One day my kids will look back and think. My mother was crazy. My mother was who God made her to be.
Hazel gnawing on a cob of corn. Sweet child.

I'm surprised this picture isn't blurry. I was laughing too.