11 .. 33 ..

I was tagged to play a blog game by my friend Christy Steel.
I have to say 11 things about myself and answer 11 questions and then make up 11 questions. Now that I've added that up I'm going to have to change the title of this blog from 11 to 33. There it is... ok. 33 not 11.

The Rules

1. You must post the rules. 
2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post. 
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged. 
4. Tag eleven people and link them on your post. 
5. Let them know you've been tagged!

Alright, 11 things about me you probably wish you didn't know.

1. When I am driving and I come upon a gate that's closed I have an extremely strong urge to drive at full speed and bust through it. Really, every. single. time. I see one I relive one of those action sequences from the movies, except I'm the one behind the wheel.

2. I don't like to be kissed on the ear. It causes this screeching sound and it hurts.

3. My son says that I'm funny. I never knew I was funny.

4. As a young girl my mom would buy these chewable orange flavored vitamin C's. I thought they were the best thing ever and I'd sneak them, often.

5. I never thought I'd actually find a husband. I wasn't payed much attention to in school and honestly thought that something might be wrong with me. I am so thankful that God gave me Jacob.

6. I never knew we'd have more than 4 children. When I found out I was pregnant with Libby I cried.

7. Moving around so much is extremely difficult for me.

8. When I was a little girl my younger brother stoned me. Well, he actually threw a rock at me. I delighted in the fact that he'd be spanked for his incredulous action.... I know that was really bad of me to delight in his demise.

9. I have these strange little bumps on my arms that won't go away no matter how many times I scrub them. Isn't that weird?

10. I eat ice cream with an extremely small spoon so that it lasts a long time. As a matter of fact I eat all of my desserts this way. When I have chocolate it tends to remain for an uncommonly long time. I don't indulge and eat the whole bar, but rather eat a bit at a time over a period of a month. That's strange huh?

11. I don't like other people's feet to touch mine. It makes me feel extremely weird and angry.

Okay, to answer Christy's questions:

What is your earliest childhood memory? 
There was a storm in the dark of night and my father had to go outside and do something to make our lights come back on. My mom was sitting beside me near the door and there was a dog there.
What is your worst/most embarrassing childhood memory? 
Locking myself into a bathroom stall in middle school and needing help to get out.

Name one of your greatest strengths and one of your greatest weaknesses. 
Strength: Being married to a Marine and having to pack up our life every 1-4 years.
Weakness: Assuming I know what people are thinking about me.

10 years ago, where did you see yourself today? 
Doing the same thing I was doing then.. being a wife and mother.

How is real life like or different from your vision? 
I never really had a vision.. I was just living one day at a time. In college I took roller skating for a credit.. 

Duggars- love them or hate them? 
I'm humbled by them. So LOVE is the answer. 

What is one charity or cause that you are especially passionate about? 
Compassion International.

What is the hobby that you wish you had time/money to pursue, but don't? 
Time to pursue along with warmth of climate would be Surfing. But, only because Jake enjoys it so much.

Who is the person in your life who has had the greatest impact on who you are? 
I don't know if I can answer this question. God has used many more people than one. 

If you met President Obama and had the opportunity to ask him one question, what would it be?
Your mother gave birth to you, gave you a name, and raised you... Why do you sanction the murder of innocent children in the womb?

What book, besides the Bible, has influenced you the most? 
It was a devotional book for couples that Jake and I read by James Dobson. It upset our marriage in a very good way and helped to turn us around for good!

If I gave you $100 right now, with no strings attached except that you had to spend it, what would you do with it? 
Buy a pretty dress or some fabric.

11 Questions from me:
1. Worst Habit?
2. Where did you meet your spouse? I want details.
3. If you could sit down and eat dinner with one person who would it be? They can be living or dead.
4. What's your favorite side dish at Thanksgiving?
5. What's your dream vacation?
6. What book has influenced you most?
7. Why don't you like brussel sprouts? If you do like them, how do you prepare them?
8. What do you wish you would have spent more time doing 5 years ago?
9. If you live to be 90 years old what will have been most important to you?
10. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
11. What's the last thing you do before you shut off the lights?

I'm tagging:
1. Colby
2. Jackie
3. Jake
4. Aunt Claire
5. Mrs. Jackson
6. Mrs. Rogers
7. Mrs. Kremer
8. Mrs. Thomas
9. Mrs. Schloss
10. Cousin Jen       
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  11. Mom--You can do it on facebook or something. :)



I can not believe that today is Jake's 38th birthday. It amazes me. I've known this dear man for such a long time. We have lived a lot of life together and I'm humbled that he is mine. I never thought I'd be married to such a devoted, wise, amazing man. 
Tomorrow we will celebrate his day with cake, punch, and lasagna. Jake has grown from a young man who thought mostly of baseball and how to pass an accounting class to a humble man of the Lord, father of 8, husband to an utterly crazy Texas girl, and a stunning Officer of the Marine Corps.. did I mention how handsome he is???
Jake, we are so proud of you and thank the Lord for your work in taking excellent care of this family and pleasing the Lord in your doing so. You are a treasure to us all and the crown of your children. 


Update 2/25/12 We celebrated and I snapped some pictures of the sweetness:

Normal and Sweet
Crazy and Still Sweet
Who Needs a Fire Extinguisher?


My Sweet, Crazy Life!

Since I touched down back here at home from Mexico, I haven't stopped going. My little life is extremely full and almost every minute is spoken for. It's fun and I'm learning how to manage it and be joyful about it too. Way back when in Monterey time we pulled out of all extracurricular activities for a time. We added in a bit of ballet at the end of our time there, even that was fairly light. Since moving back to the eastern seaboard we have been busy, but mainly with family things. I say things, but I'm speaking of a huge move, a 9th pregnancy, giving birth (phew), a wedding, camping, homeschooling, parenting in the thick, Church Retreat, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mexico, and that's not including being hospitable and church activities. Okay, time to breath right? Well, not really. It's time to breath in and out only more rapidly.

We have dived headlong into Speech Therapy for little man Sam. This is twice a week for the little guy. That involves about 2 hours of driving. We also have put Jackie and Louisa in a homeschooling strings instructional class. They are playing the viola and violin.. respectively. Jackie, Lou and Benjamin are also singing in a chorus. These activities require 2 hours of driving. Then Colby has coop for Biology, another hour++ of driving. That's about 5 hours so far and we're not talking about doctors, dentists, orthodontists and the fact that we live in a state of the pantry almost always being eaten clean. So, lots of driving. I pack a lunch for myself 2 days a week. In my sweet little bag are a veggie burger-SO GOOD- and fruit with a jar of Nutella! Why oh why did I have to make this discovery with my mother? We might as well buy stock in it pronto. 

We also have endeavored to put the young men back into baseball. They each will be playing with the city and are excited. They do daily workouts to get themselves ready. If you want details on that, ask Jake. 

Libby and Silas are sweet and just recently went to a "birfday" party. Silas still gets tongue tied over that word. Libby is reading now and likes it.

Hazel, my sweet little Hazel. She is a dolly. We all fight over her when she's pleasant and flee from her when she's fussing, except me of course ;). 
Below are some pictures of her I snapped before her nap today. So, yes, they are recent and accurate.

I pray that each of you are well. I would love to hear from you and would love to see anyone who shows up at our doorstep, just be prepared to take some rides in the BRV with me. 

I also want to say thank you for signing up for the Veritas Press Coupon. I should be able to save $70.00 on a book order because of you all. It's so helpful to our family budget, so thanks again!