Beatrix Potter

We have thoroughly enjoyed the author and book, "Tales of Peter Rabbit," so when Jackie had the invitation to perform in the ballet version we couldn't wait.  She did a remarkable job and played the beloved, Miss Tittle Mouse.  She did a classic job and was so cute in her little costume.  Here are some photos from the day.


Sometimes we learn the hard way

At some point in our life we have all seen that child.  You know, the one who is a "bad" kid.  The one with an attitude problem.  The child that you would love to give a spanking to if given the chance.  He's the one that God uses to teach us that we are to love the sinner and hate his sin.  Well that kid hit a home run off our son tonight.  Heartbreaking.  Not only a homerun, but a homerun off what was supposed to be an intentional walk.  Poor Colby just didn't know what that was and pitched to him.  Over the fence it goes driving in another runner and himself.  The kid runs the bases pumping his fists, hooting, and hollering, exclaiming, "and that was a homerun off an intentional walk!!!"  Poor  Colby, he knows what an intentional walk is now, and so does every kid on the team.  They lost the game 4 to 6.  Let me say that Colby didn't melt down and hide in the dugout, he persevered, came out and pitched 2 perfect innings following that.  Character building is around every corner, so is the chance to love those our flesh is tempted to not like.


Colby's Team Photo

His first win

Colby was the starting pitcher last night for his team.  He did awesome and struck out 4 players within the first 2 innings, not bad for Little League.  He pulled the team through the 3rd and the score was 10 to 2.  Because of the 10 run difference they called the game after the 4th inning.  Typically his coach calls in a relief pitcher for the last inning and he did last night.  So, Colby did great.  Did I mention he hit a triple the night before?  Mom is boasting again.  Praise God, for his grace in giving Colby strong legs to run on, and strong arms to pitch with.  Colby has heard time and again, that it's nothing of himself that he is so good at baseball.  The Lord has everything to do with it.  Another creature of great mercy!


More on humility

As I've gotten a bit older, I've come to realize that I do, in fact, remember less, yet I have also come to realize that the questions people ask me have gotten tougher. I have come to the conclusion that this is to teach me humility, cause me to think deeper, and seek the counsel of those older, wiser people who have gone on before.
Here are some various questions from over the past several months:

"Mommy, why does daddy have to be away so long?"
"Christie, explain how to share the gospel with someone in less than 2 minutes."
"Mommy, what exactly is puberty?"
"Christie, what do you believe about pre-destination?"
"Mommy, why does Louisa get to sit down when she pees?"
"Christie, what do you want for your birthday?"
"Mommy, wha-what are you makin' for dinner tomorrow night?"
"Christie, could you share a post conversion testimony?"

As you can tell these are some toughies, now for my favorite question to ask:

"Libby, how did you sleep last night?" Libby says, "I sleep in bed."

Oh, to be 2 and to think so simply.


Here's Libby, sweet, smug, and sleeping during family reading time. She's pretty cute, you think?

more baseball

Be prepared, the season has only begun so there will be many more pictures or stories about it. Colby's team, KFC, is invited each year to go down to Kinston and go out on the field with the Minor League that plays there. We've made the trip a few times and watched the game, we've also made the trip a few times and been rained out. This is the first time that Colby has been on the field and we were mighty proud. If you look close you can pick him out, number 6. The kids and I hung out in the stands, if you look close, you'll see that in fact we don't take up a whole row. There are many seats available on either side of us. We only take a row at church. We had a good time and danced in our seats when the music played. After the game we left and drove straight to Roanoke Rapids. We arrived at about 1:00am. About as late that was safe for us. The next day we landed in Q-town, Virginia and took care of some uniform business. We also had the priviledge of visiting some friends and worshipping with some fellow believers there. It was a great weekend.


blame it on me!

So, I've always told everyone that all the kids were born on Friday.  I found out today I am mistaken.  Colby actually came on a Saturday.  The rest did arrive on a Friday and so did I.  Jake was born on Sunday.  I apologize for my incorrect boasting.


some various pics

Silas is more interested in my knitting bag than his box of fun.

Strike a pose... These kids are crazy!

My Toad Prince.

Libby, telling me she has to go pee..... oops!

Chores must be done

Baseball Season Opens

Baseball Season opened this weekend. The boys were thrilled and didn't complain when Jake woke them up early for the big day. They started it with a pancake breakfast at the field followed by baseball all day.

Another Party at the Reynolds

We celebrated my birthday yesterday. We all had so much fun. Jackie was in charge of decorations and making the cake. She did her job well and even planned some games, like pin the apron on the mommy and Charades which entailed various jobs in the kitchen. We laughed hard. All in all a fun time was had by everyone. I am beginning to feel old, just look at how big all of the kids are.



So, this week Jake is taking leave and is administering the Iowa Standard Achievement Tests to the kids.   This is our second year of him taking leave and testing them.  I am growing to appreciate this hands on approach from him, as it allows me to focus on other things, like updating our blog..  Anyway, as with all tests the kids are required to fill in their nationality.  You have to understand that on my side of the family, way back 6 generations is a pure blooded Indian.  The kids know this and take delight in the fact that they have some indian roots.  So, would you be surprised that the kids marked on their tests that they were Native American Indian?  So funny.  I was amused, but Jake thinks I have corrupted them.  Obviously I don't spend the day explaining to them that they are Caucasian.  They are more freckled than white and that's not an option...


Another Mystery

This could only be one of two people... or maybe both.

Helping our Husbands....unexpectedly

I just read a great post, it really benefited me. I have been on the end of taking sides against those who have hurt my husband or otherwise corrected him perhaps in a truthful way. In light of our walks as Christians I think too often I have not helped in this area but rather hindered. Read and see for yourselves...


Oprah....her own god

I have been doing a bible study entitled Idols of the Heart. It's been eye opening to say the least and I am greatful to God for excellent teaching and His Word. I know I will be held accountable for all that I have been taught and read that is truth. I will have no excuse before the Holy Judgement Seat. On that note, neither will any of us. We live in a time where it is easy to get our hands on God's Word, we could probably walk and find a church before we get thirsty for water. There are false teachers everywhere and a lot of what is being preached from pulpits across america is feel good, tickle yours ears, god made in our own image mumbo jumbo. I am not surprised by what I just viewed. Oprah is a puppet for Satan and will be held accountable. It saddens me to think of weak minded people swallowing her influence for doctrine. People, turn off your tv, log off the internet, open God's word and read it. There is only one way, Jesus Christ. He is the perfect redemption. Equal to God, only He could satisfy God's wrath against man. Believe, ask forgiveness for your sins, and repent. We are born into sin and the natural inclination of our heart is to not believe God. "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23. That includes my sweet babes. Not believing God, is calling Him a liar. The liar isn't God, it's Satan, who is the father of lies. "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9. I love to preach these things to myself, for one it humbles me to repentance, and it is also very refreshing to my soul. The Word of God is sweet and it alone is perfectly truthful. Believe God for who He is. There is no other God before Him!


Surprise, Surprise, Silas is Sinful

Oh my sweet Silas. Born sinful, just like all the other children, and his parents too. What am I to do with a child who worships me as his idol? At this age just love him and begin pointing him to the One he should worship. We were all born to worship, the question is who will that be, or what will that be? As I watch my children in various stages of life, I am able to see the deep, desperate condition of their hearts. I want so much to make them understand the gospel, the Glory of the Father. However, Jake and I are learning, daily in fact, that we can't make anyone understand God, that's the job of the Holy Spirit. We may only pray and guide the children in what they ought to do. They resist with all that's in them. Yet, little by little we do see change. The question is do they realize how desperate they need God? I am not sure if they do, though some of them appear to be desiring God, a bit. This is beautiful to watch and I pray that it explodes within them!

March Walks

Nothing like a walk on a cool Spring Day. Nothing like a little time in the house without any kids underfoot as well!