The Final Dregs

It blows my mind how quickly my mind defeats me! Moving has got to be one of the tougher things in this crazy life. Not toughest, I'd put childbirth, losing someone you love, and fighting with a family member on the toughest list. Back to moving. We strive to find a home, finally land in one, get our stuff unpacked. Put 100 holes in the wall to display all the pictures that'll make it seem homey. We arrange and rearrange the furniture. We fill the fridge and pantry with the essentials. Flare up the oven and bake a familiar dish.  Then somewhere between week 4 and 10 the house is finally feeling like home.

It's so nice to be home. Isn't it?

But then, it's time to move. Again. I just happen to be pregnant again. Well, I'm frequently pregnant, but I happen to be largely pregnant and in my 3rd trimester again. This would be round 3 of this late pregnancy moving business. Oh yes, big, hot, round, freckled and hairy. Add those to the woes. Trying to take everything down from the walls, filling the holes with spackle, cursing myself for ever having put a thing up on the walls to begin with. Sanding the spackling, re-spackling, sanding. Digging through the dark places of the rental to find the paint that you're praying the owners have on hand. Finding the paint, applying it. Then digging up the glaze because one coat of one color just isn't enough. The glaze is all but gone. Get Acetone from the pedicure box and add a half a cap hoping this will dilute the thick sticky glaze into something workable. Crud! The paint doesn't look right. In fact it looks terrible!! That's because you've picked the wrong base color. Dig some more, despair a little, get rescued by a blonde haired, freckle faced, girl who happens to pick up the 15 gallon bucket and find the right base shade. Thank you Lord! Repaint, take a nap. Ahhhhhhh. Time to get that forsaken glaze back out and add another half cap of acetone. We are in business. Stop cursing yourself for putting holes in the wall. It's okay now. It's okay. It's ok.

Now for the game room downstairs. Where the kids ate pizza on Friday nights and occasionally smeared things on the wall. Gonna have to take down the posters, pennants, pictures, and puzzles. It'll be okay soon. It'll be okay. It will be ok!


B. J.

Maybe some folks are curious how the pregnancy is trekking along.. It's going fabulous! Baby B.J. is an active little soul. With lots of kicks and punches daily I arise and tuck myself in to the beating of this little drum. I am reminded again and again of the beauty of life in the womb. I am overcome with humbleness that I get to have another baby.

This pregnancy like all of them has had its phases. From the initial shock that we were expecting.. trust me, we know how this happens, to the hugging of the toilet bowl.. some things do grow old, to the cuteness of a little belly.. there's nothing like gazing down at ones mid-drift and knowing that bulge isn't a food baby, to the enormity of your tummy at the 3rd trimester.. I am overcome again!

I have scheduled an induction for little B.J. and that induction will take place on August 27th. I am both excited and of course, nervous. We are downsizing and are going to be moving into a new home in a couple of weeks. The location of our move will probably have us an hour from the hospital and we just can't risk another car baby. ;). Trust me, I love spontaneous labors. They are the best. However, God made me unique, as He did all his peoples and I labor unusually fast!

So there is a little update on me and B.J.


Samuel turned 4! (I'm so late in posting)

Samuel is 4 now. The little lad keeps me on my toes. He is a delight. He is talking a bit behind is peer group. He has broken more bones than most kids in his peer group and more than anyone else in the house. He's had 2 root canals, a record for the Reynolds household as far as the kids go. He's eyes are still electric blue. He vows that when the baby is born no bees will hurt the baby. If the bees do hurt the baby, he will kill the bees and then feed the baby ice-cream. He absolutely adores his mommy and daddy. He waits for Jake to come driving up our acreage and then hops in the car for a ride. He sits beside me in the quiet times of the day and pats my tummy and tells me how he loves me. He is an amazing little boy. 

Every bit of effort and labor to bring this little man into the world would be happily repeated over and over by his momma. It is such a privilege to know our Samuel. I'm so glad God fashioned him just the way He did and that Jake and I get the privilege of calling him son. 

Happy, happy birthday, Samuel. May you have many more feasting days of celebration in our home. May the Lord deal kindly with you. May you respond with fear, trembling, and joy before Him. We love you little man!

The dynamic duo charge the ram. Hazel insisted on being blind-folded. 

Cruzer is done and Samuel's just begun.

Absolutely cracked up at the responses of the kids when Colby whacked the ram their way!

Ahh, Jake.

The complete cowboy package for his gift.

Could his expression be any more priceless?

There was success!


Jackie's Spring Ballet Photos

Jackie trained hard through the Spring and participated in the End of Year Ballet performance of Cinderella. The show was wonderful. We all thoroughly enjoyed watching her as a, "Fall Fairy."

We set up a make-shift studio outback of our home before the performance and took some really fun pictures. 

For your enjoyment:


It's about.. ahem.. Love

I read a really good post about Love over at Femina this week. Not just about Love, but about Conjugal Love.

Yes, my kids read our family blog and the ones who linger over it's pages are learning to understand what Love is. It takes on many forms. From the sweeping of floors, disciplining of bottoms, massaging of tired feet, the marriage bed, to the most perfect act of Love demonstrated in dying for all people!

So, without further ado: Conjugal Love by Nancy Wilson

Glad to be able to share this link with such a mature audience. :)