Cast in Action

   Samuel is getting used to his cast.  It hasn't been the smoothest of times for the little lad.  Why, the second day with the thing on he took it off.  It was during his nap and he was crying.  I finally went to go get him and he was standing in his pack n play, favoring his broken bone, and waving the cast around no doubt thinking to himself, "Look mom, I took this thing off for us!"  I had to sit on him and shimmy the thing back over his fat hand and down his arm... not a fun time.  He has taken it off 3 other times since then.  He's impressive.  He's so determined.  He won't back down until he's achieved his desires.  Below are the promised pictures.
Sam is growing tired of being autographed..  He thinks to himself, I'm not a baseball card.

Each day has brought more sticky, gunky residue to his new body armor.
That's right Sam, You love mom.


Cast that Gnarly Boy!!

Samuel is gnarly.  Gnarly is a strange word and up until a year ago I hadn't heard it used since I was in the 7th grade.  It's a term Californian's use and it typically refers to really cool surfing conditions or wild and out of the sort... I think.  I am making my definition based on how it's used to describe people and waves.  So, Samuel fits the definitions.  He's wild, he repeatedly walks off the edge of objects, he doesn't back down, he won't stop until he gets his way.  He'll even stand up on his pop's lap and jump off head first from a rocking chair... Thus fracturing his wrist.  You read that right.  His wrist is fractured.  He's in a cast as of 8:45 am this morning and we are on our way out of town right now.  I'll post pictures of the gnarliness later..  I don't know if gnarliness is a word because blogger doesn't like it.

More later.


Ball Picture

(Bet you thought my post below was enough for the day.. This is what happens when we're on break ;))

Photo compliments of Colby-nice work son.
We went to two balls this year.  The first ball was the Navy ball.  We were invited by a very sweet family and had so much fun.

Then of course was our traditional Marine Corps Ball and we went with a dear couple from church this year.  It was really a blast.  The theme was Vegas-Style.  So, we were given poker chips and there were tables to play.  It was a neat experience.  There was also a professional dancing couple who came and put on quite a show, they called it the Tango, I would call it the Tangle.  Let's just say the girl was quite flexible and I saw her unmentionables..  It was a bit sultry and when they were all untangled there were plenty of, hopefully, Single-Marines clamoring for pictures with the flexible tangle-rita..

I don't have any pictures of our friends the Martins from the ball itself, but we did get a professional picture taken.  When we receive it I'll scan it for the blog.

It is also in my mind...

I don't know what the title has to do with this post.  Well actually I do, it has nothing to do with this post.  It's a funny line from a movie that we own and Jake and I will randomly say it to each other and smile.  If you know the movie then speak up and I'll be impressed.. I'm always curious if other people steal lines from movies and incorporate them into their lives as often as Jake and I do.

What have we been doing around here at the Reynolds Home?  A lot, I can assure you.  What are we doing this week?  A lot, I can assure you, but there will be no homeschooling.  We are taking the week off.  Can I get cheer?  I intend to do some much needed housework.  I have discovered that as the family has been growing, from new births to bigger shoes, that the house is requiring a lot more upkeep and somehow I don't have the time to upkeep it.  What with homeschooling and wifing and homeschooling and mothering and homeschooling and everything else, cleaning has taken its place on the back burner.  I think that there would be people shocked to step into our home and see its condition.  It's not dilapidated by any means but it needs some TLC.  There are other things we've been doing too, like spending far too much money on butter.  Yes, I've been spending $40.00 a month on butter.  I have been trying to determine where all of my grocery money has been going and I have made a partial discovery.. Oh butter!  Though it strikes me as funny.  There was a time when two pounds of butter would get us through a month, but as I mentioned before the family is growing.  It's funny to me that we would be consuming 16 pounds of butter a month, but we are.  Also, pie season crept into my kitchen door and that hasn't encouraged things any, or maybe it has ;).  We are also spending $60.00 a month on milk.  I bet you didn't think this would be a post about my food budget did you?  Though these figures are rather startling we don't spend more than $20.00 a month on packaged foods such as chips and boxed cereal.  We do so much baking which is better for us and it's cheaper.  Butter may be pricy per pound, as is milk, but when you compare to say a pound of chips.. it wins out!  Alright, alright, enough about butter and milk.

We are heading up to Redding for Thanksgiving to celebrate with Jake's family.  We are all very excited and someone in particular is looking forward to her first Thanksgiving in years where she isn't the one running the show.  Sound a little selfish?  It is.  All I am bringing are rolls.  Rolls which I've already made and are sitting in the, what seems to be the, ever shrinking garage freezer. They are waiting for a ride up to Redding, to be devoured by hungry, turkey-feasting, thankful people.  The Reynolds are also bringing a song with them.  That's right, I bet you didn't know we could sing.  Well a few of us can hold a tune and the rest are good at batting there little eyelashes and always winning a smile.  So, sing we will.

We have been doing lots of celebrating as there have been many new babies born to sweet neighbors and ladies within our church, thus all of the knitting I've been doing.  We are excited about our own little wee one as well.  There is a new pattern I'm going to be trying and I'll post results once I'm done.  It may be a while though as I've vowed not to knit anything for my babe until all of the gifts for others are done. I'm about 11 and 1/2 weeks at this point and should be seeing some less-nauseating days around the corner soon, I hope.

This has turned into a very wordy entry and I've been all over the page, so I'll quit for now or at least a few hours..

We sure do love all of you out there who read our little family blog.  We miss those of you who we are away from during these Holiday Celebrations.  Know that we think of you and pray for you and especially your deployed spouses and brothers!



Well, what else?

Aside from dealing with some minor mental anguishes lately... like crazy deceptive hormones, pending move, and other strange places the brain wanders. I have been very busy.

Doing the laundry.  This size of a load happens about 3 times a week.
I have also been knitting.  I chose the colors for this sweater based on the eyes of the siblings of the little girl who was being born.  I almost forgot to grab a picture and fortunately remembered at the shower for the little girl.  I have knit 4 other sweaters in similar styles only much different colors for other babies being born soon.  It's so much fun to pick out the colors of yarn for a new little one.  I like to look at the color of skin and hair, the character of family whether outgoing or mild, or even the color of cheeks on the mother and make my choice from there.
Lastly, trying to keep up with my handsome Marine and dates to various balls.  So much fun!!
Can you believe how much older Colby is starting to look?



This afternoon I was in the midst of a normal Tuesday afternoon.  Normal for Tuesday is ballet for Jackie.  Morning-sickness has been the add on to what was normal a few weeks ago and now that too makes a normal Tuesday.  We have definitely settled into a routine here in Monterey.  I know my way around pretty well.  The gas station of choice is no longer a mystery, the best place for a sandwich is no longer a locals only secret, and I've even found a hair-stylist who knows a thing or two about curls.  Back to our Tuesday afternoon.  I was sitting and enjoying watching Jackie dance.  She is amazing and has learned more during her 2 months with the instructor here than she has anywhere else.  I think the year off from ballet drove her desire to learn and push harder with her ballet practice.  She is getting so strong on her feet and is a beauty to watch.   

Because Christmas is around the corner the ballet studio is buzzing with hype about the "Nutcracker."  During class one of the very sweet moms mentioned that I should ask the instructor about the "Angels Dance."  She mentioned that it would be perfect for Louisa and Libby who are also taking ballet.  I am typically not the type to ask questions nor to confront or to put my nose in places where it shouldn't be.  Today I decided I would just ask, it wouldn't hurt to ask.  So, ask I did.  The teacher was sweet and listened to my inquiry and graciously responded with, "I have a lot of girls who've been in the studio for years and they will get the parts first."  It really was a kind, honest response.  It's my own sorrow that I was offended.  You see, this always happens.  Not Louisa and Libby not getting a part, but it's a mistake I make every year.  I get comfortable with my new home, my new friends, and then inevitable it comes up.  I am reminded that I'm new here.. I need to wait in line, I wasn't here last year, etc.  It didn't used to bother me and I don't even know if I noticed it so much.  As I've gotten older, I've grown sad to realize that our roots are all over the place. That they aren't as deep as most other peoples.  We seem to spend a lot of time as the, "New kids on the block.."  

On my way home, I was feeling a bit down.  I was reminded that we'll be leaving here soon.  Any roots we've put down will remain only that deep.  We are going to start all over again.  It leaves a knot the size of Texas in my gut, when I think about it.  But then, guess what happens.  I pull into my driveway.  I walk in the doors of my home and this is what I see:

Yes, reminders of the Lord's kindness.  His tenderness toward us.  We have each other and will for a long time.  I am so thankful.  I start to feel sick that I have a complaining heart.  What was I thinking?  Such sweet little faces.  Such dear little friends.  Such a wonderful husband. Even the dog is okay.  I am so blessed and the roots of our home are very deep indeed!  I am encouraged to march on.  Laying roots as deep as I can lay them in all the sweet places the Lord takes us.  To bear a good witness for Christ.  For now, those are our marching orders.  They are really quite simple.  We go where the Lord tells us.  We obey and love his people and our neighbors with our fullest ability.  Then, when it's time, we move and start the process all over again.  Doesn't sound so bad now, does it.


A Gwate Nation

Sometimes my children say the funniest things.  I will turn my head in astonishment over what was spoken and laugh out loud.  It feels so good to laugh, doesn't it?

Louisa is a little gem and recently we've been studying about the saints of old.  Namely, Abraham and Sarah.  The promises that God had for Abraham.  Sarah's lack of trust in God by giving her servant to be Abraham's wife to bear for them a child.  How finally, after feeling the burning jealousy of the pregnancy of Hagar and Sarah's still barren womb.  Sarah was blessed with a child and a son at that.  His name was to be Isaac and the Lord made a covenant saying that He would make him a "Great Nation." Even still the Lord challenged Abraham, "Can you number the stars in the sky?"  That's how many his descendants would be!  All of this from a 100 year old man.

Back to Lou Lou.  She's been very excited to learn about God's promise to Abraham and then still His promise to Hagar and her son Ishmael.  Tonight, before Jake called up my dad to tell him that we were expecting another treasure from the Lord, Louisa spoke up and said, "I think that God is making us into a Gwate Nation."  That's sweet. May the Lord make us a Gwate family who treasures Christ above all things, who are quick to repent from sin. May he save each and everyone of our treasures.  May our little dears be put through the refiner's fire and be found brilliant.    

I say it humbly that we are pregnant.  We know who manages and controls the womb.  I am shy of nine weeks at this point.  I'm "due" June 10.  If I keep on the track of the last two little boys I'd say this baby will probably be a June-bug and will probably be born between Samuel's and Silas's birthday's.  I am guessing that I'm going to have a girl because I've been very ill.  As Jake told the children, it's not bad sickness, but sickness that is for good.  Praise the Lord.