We loaded the moving trailer today.  Scratch that, I didn't load, but my husband and 5 men from church did.  We were overwhelmed by the willingness of these men to give us their strength and energy, not to mention the better part of their day to come and serve us.  Within 6 hours of work they loaded, our approximation, 12,000 pounds of goods into a trailer that is 28 feet long, 9 feet high and 8 feet wide.  There was even about 4 feet to spare in the back.  We are so excited and a rather large burden has been lifted.  Thank you Daniel, Ray, Ken, Jesse, and Eric for serving our family so well.

On the flip side doing the behind the scenes work were a few good women... might I say fine women?  Myia, thank you for watching all 6 children all day long, for serving them lunch and preparing us dinner!  We couldn't have been so quick in packing without you.  Maryn, thank you for running me around to Walmart and Subway this morning.  Kelly, thank you for taking my dirty clothes to your house, washing them, and then returning them folded along with fresh muffins and cookies for our enjoyment.  

We are blessed by Christ to be a part of such a family of believers!

And of course.. to all the sweet women who shared their men for the afternoon and the ones who called and left encouraging messages on my voice mail.


Maybe Maybaby?

The widget on the left of the page pooped out on me.  It started giving me extra days to be pregnant... so I removed it.  I'm feeling alright.  Jake and I are steadily plodding at the packing up of the house.  We are officially eating on the floor now.  The coffee table has been dismantled.  We do still have couches but that may not last through the weekend.  My official last day of washing clothes using my own machines will be this Sunday night and possibly Monday morning.  
I'll go to the doctor tomorrow and I anticipate they'll schedule a Non-Stress Test and maybe Sonogram to check the condition of my placenta and fluid levels in the womb.  We are getting very excited for the big day!  Yet we trust in God's timing as he has arranged everything else so perfectly.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


1099 Leahy

That's our new address.  Again, another sweet blessing from God.  The Lord showed us great favor as we had to jump through some hoops to get this home.  At first we had a Special Power of Attorney drawn up for a friend of Jake's out there.  The housing office rejected it, saying that only dependents of the Active Duty Person could be given a POA.  Jake didn't want to go because I'm obviously due any day, I can't go for the same reason, and we weren't about to send Colby...  So, we wrote a letter explaining our situation and the Housing office took pity on us.  One lady in particular was very kind toward us and helped us out.  She warned us that 4 bedrooms in the neighborhood we desire rarely open up and we'd be better off expecting, I mean accepting, a house in a different neighborhood...  Well, we called Wednesday night after church and 2 different 4 bedroom homes had come available.  Our kind lady gave us the addresses.  We drove home, googled them, had our connection do a drive by and take pictures and this is the one we chose.  We will be able to move in June 24.  The park is diagonally across the street from us.  We've got a little fence in the backyard for our wild terrier, and two huge trees for the kids to climb.  We are so excited!!


Louisa~My Little Munchkin

The girls are performing The Wizard of Oz this year for their Spring Showcase.  We had the Promotional photos taken for the studio and I have to share with you the pictures of I took of Louisa after we were done.  To me, this sums up Louisa and ballet.  Nothing pastel or too fair, but loud vibrant colors, with glowing blue eyes that refuse to blend in!  It's perfectly fitting.  She plays the part of a Munchkin.  She enjoyed being all dressed up and for once quit telling me how she'd, "rather be playing baseball."

The Big Red Machine takes on...

the Kinston Indians and Star Wars??  That's right.  Colby's team has the honor each year of going to Kinston and joining the Minor League team on the field for the singing of our National Anthem.  Each team mate from the team is able to go stand at whatever position they play along side the Minor Leaguer who plays that position.  Colby went out to first base and Benjamin was graciously permitted the honor of "Batboy."  
This particular evening the Indians were also having a Star Wars theme... The Reynolds couldn't have been happier.  The kids, Louisa through Jackie, donned their light sabers and tried to wreak havoc with the locals that were dressed up.  It was really cute and they had a blast.  Colby brought along his friend Mick instead of his saber.  We had so much fun!  

Colby is number 6.. you could probably guess that by his stance.

Under Contract

We are under contract friends!  Glory be to the Lord.  We certainly didn't deserve this mercy, but we are happy recipients of it.  We close the 29th of May.  Pray for us as we pack up  the abode, go through inspections, appraisals etc..