Something Happened Today.

It's a big deal something too. Colby Brett aced his Driver's Permit Test and is now able to drive, with a capable adult in the passenger seat of course. He took his first 'big road drive' in the BRV. What better way to christen the lad then the pleasure of cruising in our family wagon.. Joke. He will remember the feel of driving the van for a long time. I still remember driving in my dad's big white van when I first got my own permit. My sweet mah sat in the passenger seat and patiently instructed me, but oh I so wanted to learn to drive her fire red jeep with the hard top, but no.. My parents sold it before giving me the chance ;(. It's okay, I've moved on to bigger, better, brighter things.. things like a van with a kicking diesel engine and let's not forget the suburban with the after market kick side something or other!! Ah, the pleasure of living large.. Oops, I'm sorry this post is about Colby. Enjoy the little clip. We are so proud of him!


Apple Pickin'

Well, all I can think is thank God apples grow in the USA. There is no label, "Made in China." We've committed as a family to a 'Made in the USA' Christmas. It's really hard finding things made in the USA. I'm thankful for ETSY. Such a great online store with many treasures to be found and most of them made in the USA.

Okay, I'm not going to rant. I'm going to talk about Apple Pickin' with my favorite little people. Just because some may be bigger than me doesn't mean they're not little to me... (Ahem, Colby). The kids and I packed up the BRV a couple of weeks ago to set out on our Virginia tradition of apple picking. We were a bit late in getting out for apple picking season and you can see in the pictures that the apples were rotting off the trees. The boys thought this was perfect. They could nail the trees and each other with all of the rotten fruit. Think of it as a friendly game of 'dodge apple.' 
The troops set out to fill their bags with apples.
We paired up according to... well, I'm not sure what that according to was, all I know is there was a bit of quarreling and lots of laughter to be heard in the orchard.
The girls worked pretty well together. Due to the pervasive rot, finding firm, pest-free apples proved to be a chore. The girls had the bag with the most.

Little man did well. He and Benjamin shared a partnership. Sweet boys.

Hazel spent most of the time in the baby carrier on my back. She was loud and ferocious. Many attempts to rip the earrings from my ears were thwarted. She doesn't realize how many times I've endured the same maltreatment from her predecessors. 

There was some crying in the orchard. 

There was also some peeing in the orchard. Normally I wouldn't betray my kids with a picture of the sort, but I was laughing so hard, because clearly Silas hadn't put the belt through his loops that morning. Thus, the drag across his rear. Funny boy.

More Crying.

And of course, lots of apple eating.
Apple Picking was fun. Before Sandy came through we whipped out two beautiful, crusty, flaky, sweet apple pies from the earnings of that day. Thank you, Lord that we have apples growing practically in our own back yard!


Oh, the election.

I'm still reeling from the great fiasco election. One might think it was the great depression judging by the response of many this past Wednesday. While I haven't given into despairing, I will say that I've felt discouraged. For the first time in my adult life, I feel as though I'm truly in the minority. I'm left stupified trying to discern why so many would have voted for Obama. He believes in murder, he believes in sodomy, he believes in thievery. My words are true. Check his records yourself. Search the face of God and see how many tiny bodies have been vacuum sucked out of their mothers womb's by the hands of butchers far before their time. Ask the rich who can't keep their pay; who have had to work hard and feed thousands of lazy, unwilling, but able to work men. Ask the sodomite who has gleefully joined his fellow man in an act of so called, "marriage."

Sure, the sodomite was born with a lust for his fellow man-neighbor. So was every man born with a lust for every good looking woman to step out on the street, so was the woman for every strong, good-looking man. Does this make it right? Heck no! Is the, "un-wanted" baby rightfully murdered? Heck no! All because his parents had a lust for one another and threw self-control to the wind. Let's kill this little soul that is growing. Let's not battle the fear that says our life is about to change. Let's not battle the sin that says, "lusting after this man is wrong." Let's not battle the sin that says, "she'll never know." Obama stands for the celebration and legalizing of sin. He stands for all the things I don't. He willingly protects those who want to romp around in their filth and heave it upon others. He even proclaimed that he wouldn't want his own daughters living with "the mistake" of an unwanted pregnancy. Sure, Mr. Obama, you can kiss your grandchildren goodbye. You may never know the pleasure of kissing the small of their necks, the laugh of the fat, well fed belly, the curl of the soft downy hair nor the joining of daughter and future son-in-law. That's right, because according to him, his daughters may marry their best girl friend and if they happen to have sex they can also murder their children. Through his actions he has represented our future in a very frightening way. I pray he would realize the sting of what his presidency will bring if it continues in the same path for the next 4 years.

Then again, I come down from this cloud of frustration and anger and recognize that Christ is on His throne. He's orchestrated all of History and Tuesday's election is history. He is giving us, America, the consequence of our sins. We are like Babylon. We are wicked and our judgement is plain. My prayer is that God would be merciful to us. My prayer is one of repentance for not speaking for Christ and the Kingdom as frequently as I should have. May I be bold to tell the truth. I don't want to fear man. I don't want to hit my grave with regret.

Lord, please help me.


Marine Corps Marathon 10K Race Complete

Back in the summer sometime, Jake came home from work and announced that we would be running the 10K together come this fall. We had been whispering about it, but he made it official. We started taking jogs up to our cul-de-sac when we were able. Normally I would just walk back. It really hurt me to run. I kept thinking to myself, "There's no way I can run 6 miles. I can't jog a half mile without feeling terrible." Well we trained and slowly I was able to increase to a mile of running. Before I knew it, I was at a mile and a half and on one particular day I broke 2 miles! This is a HUGE deal for me, perhaps if I frame this to you in a different light... 

My mother was reminding me the other day of how my brother used to make fun of me when I ran; because I ran like a girl. Not only that, but even in school I'd be the kid that couldn't run a lap around the field in PE because I'd get terrible side aches. In high school I tried to run for the track team... I ended up being offered the job as Track Manager.. Obviously I didn't run well and as it turned out I was good with a stop watch. So in my high school yearbook pictures when I finally got my credit for athletics, I had put it off for my senior year out of deep fear, there I am dressed in my normal clothes. Everyone else is in a track suit and looking very athletic and fit while I'm wearing a big yellow happy face t-shirt and cut-off denim shorts. Athletics just wasn't my thing. I could knock your socks off with my acting skills and always took home medals for that, but in no way was I inclined nor any good in the physical activity realm. 

Anyway back to the training. I broke 2 miles and eventually got to 3 miles and was stuck there for sometime. Before I knew it we'd hit the 8 week out date and that's where the official 10K training schedule was to pick up. Together with Jake, Colby and Jackie, I set out to train for the MCM 10K. We had fun training together. It was hard. The kids would run and think they couldn't finish. I'd run and think terrible thoughts of jumping into a ditch hoping to hurt myself bad enough that I wouldn't have to run the 10K. Those were vain thoughts though and I'd finish my run. Eventually the training became very exciting and I would go for the run and really enjoy it. I was seeing some of the hail damage left on my thighs from all of my pregnancies fade away. It was really awesome. Running was fun. There I admit to the truth. Yes, I still run like a girl, but I've come to terms with the fact that I am a girl. Seeing my kids get over their own trepidation about running helped me with my own. In the end we were all finishers at the race. I ran my race in 1:09:12.  My pace was 11:13 miles. I would have liked to have run my miles in 10:30. So, maybe I have a goal for next year. As a matter of fact, Jake, Colby and I are talking about running a 1/2 marathon together in the Spring. I don't know what the Spring will bring, but maybe just maybe I'll train with my men.

Here are my sweet treasures. They ran hard. Jake is a charger and leads us well. Thanks for giving us a goal to aim for, darling! We had fun and got fit along the way. And look! I got my first athletic medal!!