Where We've Been

Being in the military is a unique experience.  It is so wonderful to be able to live and experience different places, cultures, and meet new people.  As a girl I never imagined myself moving around as often as we have.  It is fun, but to be honest at times it is heart-wrenching.  As I've grown older the moves have become harder and I find myself longing to stay in one place and grow old with my family and friends.  That will come in due time.  I once had a friend say to me that I was choosing to leave.  This is a common misunderstanding that our civilian friends generally have.  The fact is we must  leave each station.  The only way to stay somewhere is to retire and it is not the time for us to do that yet.  The Marine Corps is not tied to our heart strings but sends us where my husband is needed.  We make requests as to our next station but ultimately it is the needs of the Corps and of course the sweet Sovereignty of the Lord that keeps us moving. I remind myself often not to hurry the days that God has planned for this family.

So if you're curious the following is a recap of where we've been.

1. August 31, 1996-Jake and I were married in Longview, Texas
  ~Colby born

2. June 1997- We moved to from Longview to Quantico, Virginia
3. February 1998- Move from Quantico to Pensacola, Florida

4. Winter 1998- Move from Pensacola to Milton, Florida
  ~Jackie born

5. April 1999- Move from Milton to Corpus Christi, Texas

6. November 1999- Move from Corpus Christi to Havelock, North Carolina
  ~Benjamin born

7. June 2001- Move from Havelock to Okinawa, Japan
  ~Louisa born

8. June 2005- Move from Okinawa to Quantico, Virginia
  ~Libby born

9. June 2006- Move from Quantico to Havelock, North Carolina
  ~Silas born
*Jake Deployed August 2007-February 2008
*Jake Deployed January 2009-April 2009
 ~Samuel born

10. June 2009- Move from Havelock to Monterey, California

11. April 2011- Move from Monterey to Quantico, Virginia
  ~Hazel born

We have moved more often than we have had babies.  That's saying a lot!

Moves are challenging, Deployments are a sacrifice, but the Reunion.. it is sweet!