He tends to carry a rather concerned face most of the time.  Jake always tells him, "Don't worry, I'll find you a home.."  Samuel is so sweet.  He has a dear little countenance about him and we all are soaking him up.  Libby often says, "I need to kiss him."



After Texas we headed north passing through beautiful Oklahoma, then Kansas, and onto lovely Colorado.  While there we stopped at Jake's mom and dad's home.  John and Teresa took the kids fishing to their new camp site.  The kids had a blast and I think Grandpa did too!  Grandma took the littles to the snack shop and bought them M&M's.  They were beginning to become a bit irritated with the heat of the day, so Grandma knew what to do..  Note the beautiful mountains in the background.  Each of the kids caught 2 fish.  Libby was a bit freaked out by her catch and really had a fit when Ben's fish slipped from his grasp and slapped her on the leg when it fell.  The poor little thing had fish guts and blood on the back of her leg.  You can imagine her lengthy response.  The rest of the kids had a great time.  Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for treating them!

Notice how clean Jackie's fish is compared to Ben's...  


My Truckin' Man

Utah was beautiful. This is a picture of Eagle Canyon.
These mountains were leaning. Absolutely beautiful. Our Lord is lavish!!
Here's my man, you can't hang ten in Utah... or can you?

Jake has successfully taken us from Eastern Carolina to Western California! We've seen some beautifully sights, made some fun memories, and only spanked 4 kids!! I'll update the blog, as I'm able, with humorous stories and fun adventures from the last several days.


Fig Leaves and Baseball Mitts...

something in common?  I don't think Silas was really hiding from any particular thing today... I just happened to have my lens pointed in the right spot at the right time.

Time to Swim!

With any good road trip, the road is no good if you have no place to stop, re-charge, and play hard.  We've taken our first respite in Longview, Texas, where the days are hot and the water is cool.  The kids have swam countless hours already and don't seem close to a stopping point.  Libby has been so cute with her green goggles... they squish her nose in such a silly way.  Colby is the Cannon-Ball King, and Louisa has relearned her abilities in the water.  Jake of course is used as a boat - tugging kids back and forth across the pool and of course is excellent for tossing the kids in the water when they get too sure of themselves!

Sweet Child

Here, there, and everywhere!  That's where we've been, but there are no pictures of those places.  Why should there be, when there is this sweet new life to behold?  Samuel is a dear child.  He sleeps for 3 hour stretches and then eats when he wakes.  He is so far, very much, like clock-work.  We're having fun with the little lad, especially now that we're at my folks house and we have more time to ponder him and learn who this little Reynolds is.


Give Thanks With Us...

...For the wonderful gift of Samuel Theodore Reynolds.  He was born June 2nd at 12:49 PM and weighed-in at a whoppin' 9lbs 12oz (see "beefcake" pose at bottom-right); way to go Christie!  We are so pleased with God's abundant and  undeserved kindness toward us.  Rejoice with us as we enjoy his benefits in this present life and look ever hopeful for even fuller benefits in the next because of Christ.



Tuesday Morning I'll be induced.  Looks like Maybaby really wanted to be a Junebug.  Please pray for us.  We're very excited to meet this sweet child, yet I'm dealing with a bundle of nerves.  Jake will keep you posted if he has internet access...