FYI: Way better than the Electric Piano!

This is a music plug.  I have thoroughly enjoyed, since my Okinawan days, a music group called Brother Down.  They are reformed brothers from other mothers.  They only made one cd and you can't find it anymore, but you can download their album from itunes.  The name of the album is To the Blackland.

Pasta, Pasta, give me Pasta!!

Tuesday Evenings are rather busy at our home.  Jackie has ballet from 4:45-7:15 and the boys have baseball practice from 5-7.  Their hobby practices take place in 2 different cities... So, the littles and I run everyone around and normally head back to our haven for an hour and a half of play.  Tonight groceries needed to be purchased, so we headed to the commissary instead.  I arrived home from shopping at 6:30, fed my kids cereal while I unloaded the groceries and took care of them... it was a great activity for instigating some pretty heavy braxton-hicks contractions. We left the house at 6:50 and picked up the boys and then headed to James City for Jack.  We came home to a mess, huge mess, grocery bags here and there, toys, dog, toilet paper, all strewn about.  We worked together and cleaned up a bit.  Mind you, the big 3 ate chow before their practices.  That left me, the cow, hungry for my own chow...
Here's what I made.  It was so good.

In a pan heat some olive oil, throw in some sliced purple onion, cook until beginning to carmelize, throw in 2 cloves of minced garlic (I smell yummy), toss in a handful of sliced baby portabella mushrooms, continue cooking until a bit soft, now toss in a diced tomato.  Season with Pepper and some salt.  Add a splash of wine if you have any and allow it to cook long enough to reduce a bit, now for the kicker a splash of heavy cream... oh yeah the good stuff.

Meanwhile cook your linguine until al dente.  Toss the linguine and your sauce together and top with fresh grated/shaved parmesan cheese.  Oh it was so good.  So, so, so good.

Serve with a tall glass of cow juice and your set.

olive oil
purple onion
baby bella mushrooms 
salt and pepper
splash o' wine

your favorite pasta

You will not regret this.  

In case your wondering I don't feed my kids cereal that often... and I only refer to myself as a cow because of the amount of red meat and dairy products I've been consuming lately... I didn't mean to eat that half pint of ice cream in one sitting, really I didn't.



Yes, that's me.  I cried today.  Second time since my man's been gone.  Not bad considering the amount of hormones pumping...  There was nothing sad that triggered it.  Rather, I gave in to anxiousness which is a sin.  "Do not be anxious about anything."  I know the command full well and quote it to myself repeatedly.  I was even meditating on it when I cried.  Somewhere between praying and meditating on that verse I fell into a mental battle of what lies ahead.  I have read from Elizabeth Elliot, I think, that in our worries/concerns over the future we never imagine God there.  We imagine ourselves getting through our ordeals alone or maybe with someone else but never God.  I picked up my bible after I finished blowing my nose and wiping away the floodgate of tears that had ensued.  I've been reading Philipians and hadn't read my bible yet today.  I started chapter 4 where I had left off at verse 2.  I was greatly encouraged because, my friends, the Lord is at hand.  We aren't not to be anxious, but to give thanks only and then pray.  God's peace will guard our hearts and our minds through Christ.  Sweet scriptural medicine which was no coincidence.  Reading through Galatians, Ephesians, and now Philipians has been of great benefit to my soul while separated from my earthly husband and while he tarries my eternal one.



We've been plugging away at homeschooling.  We have high hopes to be finished by the 1st of May.  This is very good as May will bring a whirlwind of events... some exciting like my man coming home and our family meeting maybaby to the not so exciting... packing boxes, cleaning the house, etc.  Hopefully somewhere in the month we'll be closing on our home.  We are still praying for it to sell.
The kids have me busy with everyday tasks.  Such as loving, disciplining, carpooling, cooking, kissing, spanking, etc.  Libby has lots to say about lots of things.  I am pretty sure I've written that before, but what can I say, it's the truth.  Silas goes number 2 with such great frequency that now after he's filled his diaper he'll just lay down in front of me on the floor where ever I am.  For about a week, he was bringing me a diaper and his bag of wipes, not anymore.  He thinks it's my job to go fetch them and clean his hind end, where ever he may be lying.  Louisa is gaining greater confidence with math and her phonics.  She still repeats words now and again, but she's doing excellent and continues to soften me with her sweet little voice.  Benjamin and Colby are in high gear with baseball.  Because of Jake's deployment and the load of responsibility on me this Spring, we decided not to sign Ben up for ball.  Colby's Baseball Coach has been gracious enough to allow Benjamin to attend all of Colby's practices.  He is learning right along side the big boys and loving every minute of it.  Jackie is progressing with her Pointe shoe training.  She's able to balance without the aid of the bar.  She also takes character, which is the study of dance in other countries and all on a heal instead of ballet shoe.  This has been more of a challenge for her.  It's good to see her not be a natural at something and work hard to achieve what is being taught.  She'll be performing in a Spring Showcase this May with Louisa.  In it she'll perform ballet, character, and on pointe.   Louisa will perform ballet.  They are doing their showcase to The Wizard of Oz.  This will be May 30. 

The big due date is creeping up.  I am amazed that I'm 32 weeks now.  I am quite large... and not so in charge... I check in next week on Monday to see how things are progressing.  I am pretty sure I've gained some weight as my wedding ring is exceedingly difficult to slip over my finger.  My toes also now resemble more of a pig's hoof.  All that to say that I'm retaining a bit of water and where there's water, there's weight.


I was wondering

Does anyone else who reads this blog, all 10 of you, have a soft spot for the Electric Piano?  When you hear a song from back in the 80's and some dude is playing the electric piano do you want to dance?  

I do.  So does Silas.


Maybaby Update

Had a checkup and the baby looks great.  The Ultrasound was enjoyable and revealed that my fluid has stayed the same.  With that answered prayer the Dr. sees no reason to continue with the ultrasounds at each appt.  The heart rate was a steady 145.  This baby seems to be very constant in this way.  The heartrate's been 145 each time with the exception of once when it was 149.  
I gained 2 more pounds putting me at 6 pounds under my Max Gross Weight.  The tech who did the ultrasound made mention of a strong jawline...  could be a boy.  Though today I had a sudden revelation that Maybaby is really a girl and I may have tricked myself into thinking otherwise.  I became very excited and nearly ordered a new baby dress.  Then I remembered I had a little boy outfit coming in the mail and decided that perhaps I should pull back on the reigns until the child shows himself/herself so that we know who has arrived...

It's past midnight On Friday, make that Saturday and I'm blogging.  Must go to bed now!

Silas with his chipped tooth and rosy cheeked Lou

Here are some recent photos.  

Silas gave me a bad time for a few days after 
his fall in getting close-ups.  He's now saying cheese again for the camera.  With that, I was able to get a close shot of his chipped tooth. You'd never know to look at him that he's a little Bruiser... 
until he opens his mouth and smiles.  Makes you wonder.

Louisa had just come indoors from a mild 70 degree day and had such rosy cheeks.  I couldn't resist capturing her cooling off in the seagrass chair.  She's a little sweetie.  Though really the time was nearing 3:00 in the afternoon.  In our home that means only one
thing.. Snack time. Most afternoons she hovers close and watches the clock until her favorite time appears. 

Then there are the school days.  Silas stays underfoot or is held captive by Libby in one of the back rooms.  Somehow Silas' favorite blankie with a very nasty tag, which he adores, suffered some mistreatment this week.  His beloved tag part is mysteriously gone and there is no site of it anywhere.  He would hold the tag and suck his little thumb with such great affection.  The nasty thing had nearly become a part of the family as we kept higher tabs on it then we do our dog.  Whatever happened I am fairly certain that little Miss Libby Lee was behind it.  She enjoys bothering him and setting him off into crying jags.  I'm not sure where that particular trait of antagonizing comes from... One could make some guesses, but one won't.


How's this for a name list?

The kids, read boys, were trying to convince me of some excellent names for Maybaby once he arrives.
Girl Names:

Boy Names:
Darth Vader
Obi Won Kanobe 

I don't even know if I'm spelling those right.  They think their suggestions are so funny.  I suppose this is what I get for keeping our names from them.


All is well

We celebrated Jackie's birthday in style on Thursday.  The diners enjoyed flank steak, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, broccoli with cheese sauce, hot rolls with butter, pineapple coconut drink and we topped it off with Red Velvet Cake and cookie dough ice cream.  Jackie felt very special and received all sorts of fun gifts, from hand me down nerf guns and books to fine parasols..

Silas chipped his tooth and has been lovingly coined "Dino Baby."  That was a particularly difficult incident to witness and come through, but all appears to be well now.

Libby is as funny as ever.  Asking me questions like, "Are we going to die tomorrow?" to, "When are we going to Target?" to, "Where's my bread, I want bread." to, "God won't hit(spank) me."  Lots of the ordinary and theology to be taught there.

Louisa has determined that the only difference between the cone and the sphere is the cone comes with ice cream.  Nevermind that the cone has a point and the sphere is round.

Colby understands that using "elbow grease" doesn't involve the literal use of the elbow, but in fact muscle..

Benjamin is expecting a box in the mail next week from the Lego company, and really hasn't much more to talk about than that.

I'm fine and so is Jake.


To My Girl...

Have a very happy day Jackie.  You are a wonderful little girl and I am so thankful for God's goodness in creating you and allowing us the time that we've had with you.  You are such a pleasure and delight to me. 

Go get your ID with Momma; you've finally made it!  Congratulations, you are now an exclusive member of the very privileged Military ID Club (MIC).  Secret instructions and passwords will be coming in the mail.  Remember one thing, if you lose your ID, check under your bed first before going to have a new one made.

Happy Birthday!



Ben is 8

Somehow it happened.  Another year flew by and Benjamin, my left-handed warrior, turned another year older.  We celebrated with lasagna, french bread, root beer, and ice cream cake.  All Benjamin's choice and if you are curious, he also had the day off from school.  He received phone calls and messages from all his favorite people wishing him a happy, happy day.  After dinner and before cake he roped all of us into a game of wiffle ball.  I asked him if I had a choice and he replied, "It's the boys against the girls, do you want to go first or last."  So, I ended up playing, lest he have a sour memory of his 8th birthday without his daddy home and his large mommy refusing to play an inning of wiffle ball.  We all had a blast and the only gift not pictured was his mountain bike from us.  You aren't considered a real Reynolds until you've rode the Pirana Pit on base... in that case, maybe I'm not really a Reynolds, though I have covered and nursed the wounds of those who have returned from it.  I am supposing that means Ben is next for treatment and that my acts of service mark me as Reynolds.



Without detail, I was reminded today of how difficult it is to be a parent.  The challenges presented are at times overwhelming and have me question my sanity and my ability to mother.  Then when I rethink and pray, I realize these small trials are part of my sanctification.  Another blessing to praise God for.  I don't want Him to finish with me yet.  It's sweet being refined, humbled, and unsure of what to do.  All of this sends me to my knees.  If only I would not be so stubborn and would bend the knee during those times I think I have it all figured out.


Granola Bars

This recipe is wonderful!  The kids love it and it is great to pack in lunches for the Man of the House.  (Or to send in a care-package)

I always double this.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
1-9x13 Pyrex (spray with Pam lightly)

In a big bowl:
2 cups oats
1/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 tsp. cinnamon
1 1/2 cup fresh milled flour or (1 cup white flour and 1/2 wheat germ)
3/4 tsp. salt
1-2 Tbsp. Flax seed or milled Flax
1/2 cup chocolate chips
shelled pumpkin/sunflower seeds (I use a small handful of whatever is on hand)

Combine your dry ingredients

In a smaller bowl:
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup safflower/canola/vegetable oil ~ your preference
1 egg beaten
1-2 tsp. vanilla

Beat your wet ingredients
Pour over the dry ingredients and mix with wooden spoon.

Spread out in your Pyrex dish.  I always smoosh mine down evenly with the palm of my hand.

Bake it for 25 minutes (give or take)
Slice into 15-20 bars while still warm.

Silas is easily able to eat this...  These keep well for a couple of weeks, they are chewy, and taste great with coffee, 3 pm snack, on picnics, beach trips, car trips etc.

Maybaby Update

I had the much anticipated Sonogram this morning.  Maybaby looks fabulous!  
I have an abundance of amniotic fluid, enough so that I will be having sonograms with each appointment from here on out. 
The biggest concerns are: 
1.) preterm labor because of the large size..  supposedly my body may think it's time to give birth because of the weight of the water or something like that..  
2.)the baby may grow large because of the large tank he's in.  We'll see.  I had an excess of fluid with Louisa and she came through weighing 9 lbs. 5 oz. 
3.)i'll have lots of fluid and lots of baby and deliver late like I normally do :)
The baby weighs approx 3 and 1/2 pounds right now.  A head full of hair and for certain a pug nose!  We saw ears, legs, fist, feet, lips, chubby cheeks, etc.  
Thank you for praying for us.  Continue to pray I don't pop... I keep picturing that oversized blueberry girl on Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory...


7 months

Since I'm officially 7 months I figured I should take a picture of myself.  I'm still learning to work without a flash. Not bad.


Oh Dreads!

I thought we had longer, but alas we don't!  Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday at 2:00 am.  I so thoroughly enjoyed that extra hour of sleep.  


Hey, Hey, Hey

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is Square Root Day.  Party hard, because the next one isn't until April 4, 2016.  So, cook up some Root vegetables, or make your rolls into a square root shape!  Woo Hoo, what fun, what fun.  


Tomorrow, Tuesday that is, marks the beginning of my third trimester.  I can hardly believe how quickly this pregnancy is moving.  Please pray for us.

1. Strength for me
2. Faith in our Sovereign God--not worry or fear over what we think we can control
3. Endurance for all of us
4. Longsuffering with the children--my responses to their childishness/sinfulness would be grounded and rooted in Love only

Thank you from the whole of my heart!

Family, look to the left. Friends, no pressure

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