That's 3x5 Mom!

In other words we celebrated our 15th anniversary today! Benjamin was so excited that he exclaimed, "That's 3x5 mom!"

Jake brought me home roses. The yellow says 15 years.
We had so much fun celebrating. We decided to celebrate with all of the children. We ordered them pizzas from JS pizza and subs. It's a very affordable, quaint little business down the road from us. While the babes enjoyed their cheese pizzas we enjoyed our meal.
2 little rodents of the sea were our main course! That's right Lobstah's.
Yes, we splurged on lobsters. They were fun to have in the house for the day. Louisa made friends with the little critters and then she cried when we cooked them. Sweet girl.

We also splurged on a fancy bottle of wine. Newton Unfiltered Chardonnay. It was Awesome!! Thanks for the recommendation, Dad. To anyone coming up on a celebration. This wine was so smooth and full of ripe, yummy flavors. If you plan on eating a white meat or something from the sea you won't be disappointed with this wine. The price was worth it.
We dined outback on our patio where the smell of our lobsters wouldn't disrupt the sweet aroma of our home.

Looks romantic to me.

Sweet Hazel.

 After we finished our yummy lobsters, Jackie brought out our dessert. She made Pavlova. All. By. Herself. It was fabulous.
Thank you darling!

Check out Samuel, he couldn't take his eyes off of the strawberries. Don't worry Jake and I shared with the kiddos and Samuel Theodore had his fill.
It was such a sweet, sweet celebration! Happy Anniversary Darling. May we enjoy many, many more x5's....


Hazel is Sweet and my Sin is Not!

Hazel is Sweet
Hazel is such a sweetheart. I am enjoying her so very much. The rest of the family is as equally smitten. Hazel doesn't sleep much at night though, so I purchased a monitor and she's moved out of our room. It was a sad move, but time. Please don't misunderstand me, having a baby sleep through the night isn't the end-all, but I could tell that my lack of sleep was impacting my day... big. time. When I am unable to arouse for family devotions and I'm sleeping through breakfast, some course of action must be taken! I think the problem was that every time she stirred I'd get her up so that she wouldn't wake Jake, so that I wouldn't have to hear her fussing around in her bassinet, and mostly because it's so wonderful to hold that little bundle in my arms and snuggle. Enough is enough so, last night was the first night sans Hazel. She woke up at about 2, but I turned the monitor off for a while and she fell back asleep. When she stirred at 4 I gladly got up and fed her. Then it was back to bed for me and I was able to meet the family for bible time. Yay, yay, yay!

My Sin is Not Sweet
Last week was crazy around our home. We had two earthquakes which in my opinion were powerful. Also a hurricane, but to be honest after the earthquakes rattled my bones I wasn't so nervous about the hurricane. (Turns out the hurricane was far worse for many, many people and I'm thankful for God's mercy to us during the storm.) Back to my earthquake chatter... I discovered through God's Providence that it was good for me to experience an earthquake. It was good for me because it revealed something that I didn't know was lingering in my heart. I found that after the first earthquake came and went and then the second that I had developed a fear of the future. A mild torment was keeping me awake as I role-played in my mind what would happen if there was a BIG one. I was losing sleep because of this new fear and was praying and would lay there in my bleary eyed state asking God to help me sleep. When I spoke with Jake about it over the weekend, he was very helpful and corrective. I asked him if it was okay if I was afraid of another earthquake. He quickly answered, very lovingly, that no, it's not okay. As a matter of fact Scriptures are very clear that we aren't to be afraid. Consider this verse out of Proverbs:

25 Do not be afraid of sudden terror
or of the ruin of the wicked, when it comes,
26 for the Lord will be your confidence
and will keep your foot from being caught.

Once I read the verses and considered what I was fretting about, I was convicted. We aren't to be afraid of sudden terror and then the mightiest blow, the Lord will be your confidence. Is the Lord my confidence? I asked forgiveness from the Lord and I'll tell you that I've had sweet sleep since that time, except for when Hazel wakes me of course.

So there you have it, a bit of Hazel and a bit of my sin.


How many Reynolds does it take to wash a BRV?

It takes as many to wash it as it does to fill it up. (Well almost as many)
Getting Ready for the job.
Mixed with a bit of play.
A little antagonizing.
Some of us sit.
More play and teasing.
Slippery, Soapy, Sudsy, Brotherly Fun!
Sweet baby sister.
Washing the van is a bit of work. After our travels a van washing party was required and with a large brood like ours it doesn't take that much time. After all, many hands make light work.


No Blogging Lately?

Well, we have been busy. Do you remember this chair pictured below? I think I blogged about it over 3 years ago.. We finally finished reupholstering it. It's about 95% done. Just a few more details and it will be 100% done.
Cute little doll sitting here huh?
 We've also had friends come and visit. The Jacksons whom we've know since Okinawa days are moving back to Okinawa. Jamey made the drive with their 8 children and spent a few hours with us. It was a fun day!
Babies Moriah and Hazel.
 Next up was Vacation Bible School. Every morning for a week I packed up this crew and we headed south for fun adventures in the book of Jonah.
This particular morning the kids brought Sunflowers and Zinnias to their teachers.
 What's more fun than a picnic on a warm Summer day? Perhaps a trip to the Air Museum... That's what we did following the picnic. No pictures of that experience, but it was just as fun if not more than eating yummy food.
Sweet family eating.

Hazel liked the picnic too.

We popped a squat under the branches of this tree.

Just chillin.
As if all of the above wasn't enough we drove North, more North, and even further North to reach the most beautiful of states... Maine! On the way there we stopped in Manasquan, New Jersey for a little beach and surfing time. The following leg ended in a trip to Fenway Park to watch the Indians and Red Sox play. What fun!!

The purpose for the Maine trip was of course a little family fun, but the big event was a wedding. My cousin Abby, whom I haven't seen since we were little girls, got married. It was a nice ceremony. I got to see a lot of relatives whom I haven't touched base with in years.
At the rehearsal dinner. Mom is helping Silas get a plate of barbecue.

We had to eat Lobster almost daily. Here the kids are eating crab sandwiches. Samuel was sad about it. Poor little guy. The cabin we stayed in was picturesque. It was like a sketch out of a Robert McClosckey book.

At the wedding reception. My beautiful kids and their crazy Meme.

My Grandmother on my fathers side. Precious soul! 

Dad and Mom.

What's a wedding without Benjamin and Jackie stealing the dance floor?
After the wedding events we headed out to my Grandmothers camp on my Mom's side. The kids played and we ate yummy italian sandwiches.
My Grandmother aka "Nanny" holding Hazel.

My Mom's sister Debbie and her two daughters and one of her twin sons pictured to the right.

My cousins and I. I think that my cousin Dana on the far right looks a little like my brother Clint.

Samuel and Poppa.

Colby and Jackie kayaking.
These are my children and some of my cousins' children on my moms side.
 We made it home safely and celebrated Louisa's birthday on the way back. We've had so much fun these past few weeks. Hazel found her beautiful smile at about her 4th week of life. We've been soaking it up ever since.
Hazel smiling at big brother, Colby.


Louisa is 8!

Another birthday has come to the Reynolds home and this time it landed on Sweet Lou.  She is 8 now.. sniff.  The time has flown by as it always does.

Louisa, my little darling, I love you very much. You are such a beautiful little blessing to this family and to my heart. I love your freckles, your curly hair, your stunning blue eyes, and mostly your soft, tender spirit, your large heart. You are always the first one to help when someone needs it, you are tender and nurturing and have taught me a lot about how I can love and nurture more. Thank you dear.

Father in heaven, thank you for this child whom you've blessed us with. Thank you for her physical strength, for her heart strength. Her name means strength and I can recognize it in every part of her being. Thank you Lord. Please draw her near to you and may she bring You much, much glory and honor. Amen.