Momma's Looking Good

at least I thought I was.

I was overdue to have my eyebrow's waxed, like 6 months overdue. Let's just say at the end of my pregnancy the hormones had their way and my eyes were becoming bushy and out of control maybe even old-manish, so bad that I was combing them in the morning with a little brush... I set aside some allowance money and went to Metamorphosis to be morphed back to my old, less-hairy self.

I did receive some harassment before leaving from the kids.. Like, "Why would you pay someone to torture you?" and, "Why do you want your eyebrow hairs pulled out?" and ,"How much will you pay them to do this to you?" I could see the little wheels in their heads turning.. maybe we could pull out mom's eyebrows and she could pay us...

Jake showed up just before I left.. he assured me that I looked fine. I went anyways. When I came back home my man Jake said, "Come here and let me see them." I crept closer to my man sitting on the porch holding the baby, and then he said,"I see, yes they do look better, now they're nice and red."



Ahh He Sleeps.. On the Floor?

It was a sweet homeschooling morning.. Samuel was to get his "tummy-time." He started to fuss and I ignored him. Five minutes later, this is what I found. The sweetest sleepiest baby on my carpeted floor. His little eyes were rolled in the back of his little head. So sweet. Check out the little booties. They were dropped off at his car-seat by a woman of mystery at church. No card, only a little bag with blue booties in it. Sweet.

Uncle Justin

My youngest brother, Justin, is in Mexico with my older but still younger than me brother, Clint. Claire, my very pregnant sister in law, is hosting him. She's awesome. They, the guys that is, went fishing and from what I am reading.. Justin is hooked on Sashimi. I love, love Sashimi and really haven't been into eating it since we left the island. I borrowed this picture from the Higgins blog.


Praise The Lord!

Erin's labor has stopped. She is staying at a cottage of a family from church who lives near Stanford. If she can stay pregnant through the 28th week, 4 weeks from now, she'll be able to come back to Santa Cruz and deliver there. This is such a praise.

Please continue to pray for the Pastor and his family as well as the flock at Santa Cruz during this time. Thank you, thank you!!

The Question is..

Are there as many doughnuts as there are curls? I think not. I was able to get a whopping 2 dozen perfectly crisp doughnut rounds plus doughnut holes from this recipe for Apple Cider Doughnuts. Silas was eager to help eat them. Can you blame him?

Unlike the recipe insists I used vegetable oil and they turned out awesome still.


No word yet today

The last we heard is that her labor had stopped and her body was taking steps in the right direction. There was to be an ultrasound today and if the labor had reversed itself enough they were going to start weening her from the labor stopping medication. I will let you all know once we have definite word.

Thank you for praying, the Farley's are a very sweet, godly family.


They Have Come from the East. North Carolina that is..

Our dear, dear friends, Ken and Pam Gillespie, or as Louisa used to call them, the B-Gillespies had to come to California for business. They finished their work and extended their travel time to vacation a bit.. We were blessed to be able to dine and fellowship with them. It was such a sweet time. Thank you guys for coming!

Prayer for Erin Farley

Miraculously the labor was stalled and she is being moved up to Stanford where there is an excellent Neonatal Unit. Even if she could stay pregnant another week their son's chance of survival increases. Please keep your prayers going.


Saints, Please Pray.

Our Pastor's wife, Erin Farley, is in pre-term labor today. She is somewhere around 22-25 weeks gestation. She had been on bed rest for the last couple months and her body wants to labor now. The Doctor's say that there is only a 20% chance the baby will survive the delivery. Please pray for a miracle, that this little life would first, not be born yet, and if the little boy comes, that he would live. This is no doubt a very fearful time for them, yet they don't have to walk through darkness during it. Pray for God's peace and comfort to enrapture them. They have 3 older children at home with the Pastor's mom. Our Pastor's name is Jason.

Trinity Covenant Church

We joined a local body of believers this weekend. Let me tell you that of all the difficulties of a move this is by far the most agonizing thing! The reason being is that aside from our family the local body becomes our closest relationship to people, rather they become our dearest friends. We become so intertwined in the church that breaking away from them hurts, I would say the pain is deeply emotional and physical too.

After we left NC I became physical ill... not just from the move and giving birth but I think also the heartache of saying goodbye to such dear friends took a stressful toll on my body.

The Lord has been kind though as we have "married" up with a local body here in California now. The believers at TCC are so dear and seeing there faces is becoming as refreshing to me as it was at BCC in North Carolina.. Not that one church could replace another, but God's people are the same where ever we go. That is, they are all after one purpose; to see the Lord Glorified and to worship Him forever. This common unity brings together all of our "differences" for the common good of the kingdom.

As painful as constantly moving around is we know that God's plan for us is kind and that no matter where we go, there He is!

Jackie and Lil' Man

As if Samuel T. wasn't loved enough already by his mum, he is regularly doted on by his big sis. It's easy to tell by his wry little grin that he knows how lucky he is. Just look at that beautiful girl who's got a hold of him! Jackie is fast becoming my turn to girl when I run into surprise incidents in the home.. I know, I know, you are all surprised that there would be any surprises at the Reynolds home.. Yet when they do come up Jackie is eager to help and I'm eager to have her. She particularly loves it when she gets to help me with little Teddy. Can you blame her?


Can you Translate?? Jake's studying so I had free-time

Iay ustjay earnedlay otay eakspay igpay atinlay!

If you can understand what I just wrote you win the prize!!

(I don't know what the prize is.. but you win!)

The Rope Swing

We have this amazing pair of trees behind our house. There is a rope swing attached to one and it is the occupation of many a child to come and swing throughout varying times of each day. Our kids are fortunate as they are able to get to it whenever they want. Libby loves it and Silas is learning to use his strength to support his weight on the thing. It's so much fun!


A Flower a Day Keeps the Gloom Away!

It may appear that Libby started the afternoon off well, but it was really Lil' man Silas. He occasionally picks a flower and delivers it my way... when he sees the joy that it brings he smothers me with them. I love it. Sometimes he'll bring me just the head of the flower having lost the stem along the way. It's such a little boy thing to do. Makes me smile.


Silas got his haircut.

Truly, his hair was getting out of hand and though we intended on him taking the "Nazarite Vow", it was clear an immediate intercession was in order. Armed with a comb and pair of scissors I set to work saving the best curls to be my own for his scrapbook... he's about 6th in line to have it done. The result was beautiful and his head still holds curls all over it.. they are just smaller.


Another "Average Child"

S. Theodore weighed in at 15 lbs 1 ounce and 25 1/4 inches long. That makes him 50th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height. When he was born he was 95th-100th percentile for weight. That's a big change. If you look at the lad he's big and healthy... Not skinny. The Dr. remarked that americans are getting fatter and some adjustments have been made to the percentile charts to reflect that. I guess it's good to be average sometimes.

Libby was the same percentages as Teddy, weighing 35 1/2 lbs.

Everything looks great. The Doctor couldn't feel Teddy's clavicle fracture, this means it's all healed up! Praise the Lord.


Samuel 4 months

His well-child appointment is this Friday so I don't have any official stats... But the unofficial official stats from his adoring mommy are:

He's cute
He's chubby
He eats well
He poops well
He sleeps some
He's cute

Officially official from an official mother!