We had the opportunity to fellowship with some dear friends tonight in our home. The Good Family lives here in Monterey and The Steel Family lives in North Carolina, but were here visiting. We ate pizza, I didn't cook, and cupcakes which Mrs. Good did cook! Such a sweet time to treasure God's gift of Friends.



It's so hard to believe that Colby is 13 years old now. Yet, when we sit and wonder where the past year has gone, it's not surprising that the past 13 have flown by just as fast. Colby is a delight to our family. We celebrated him yesterday with lavish eating and gave thanks to the Lord for these past years of parenting him. Today we made the trek north to San Jose to visit the Lego Store so he could spend some money he was given. It's so much fun having a family, people to celebrate the good times with and loved ones to weep with when harder times come. We look forward to many more years of doing both.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Those Cookies

It occurred to me that I posted a picture of Silas licking the cookie beater clean, but none of the process of making the cookies, nor of the finished products. Christmas cookie baking is such an excellent way to incorporate a little fun loving in the kitchen, and also is a good test of where my heart's greatest affections are. Do I prefer a picked up perfect kitchen all the time, or can I too, "let my hair down" and allow the kids to have a heap of fun and then devour their heaps without batting an eye. I passed the test again this year. I find the more I let them live and learn in the kitchen the less I flip out when the messes appear and remain. Sometimes a mess is a beautiful thing, because it means life has been there!
"Where no oxen are, the manger is clean.." Proverbs 14:4



something is wrong with my children.


Samuel's Stats

So in Doctor terms, my boy is dropping down in the percentiles... He weighed in at 16 pounds 2 ounces, which is in the 25th percentile for his age. This was a bit of a kick in the gut, as I have been exclusively nursing him with only a bit of cereal to supplement.. Clearly the growing lad needs more chow and the numbers don't lie. He is 75th percentile for height and brains! He also cut his first tooth and the second one is giving a close chase. If he was grumpy and miserable all the time, I'd be more concerned, but he's not.

He's still my sweet boy and will have a fuller tummy starting today!


A Very Small Request

In keeping with tradition.


Enjoying Life Now

It's not very often that I make a cookie batter without eggs. Only at Christmas when we make the delicious kid dough. So of course Silas, being the perfect age to fully immerse himself in the mess of the dough paddle, was given the chance to lick away. And away he did. When he handed the paddle back to me it was warm and sticky from his great love of it. Little bits of dough on his face and wrist were all that was left.

Teddy loves his Toes.

He found his toes some time ago and I've been meaning to catch some pictures of him enjoying them. I didn't catch the photo this morning either.. I received an important call from my man and missed the op.. I did, however gather these sweet photos of my little boy. The swaddled photo is extra..


Sometimes I Wonder

Why I don't enjoy the small things more often, just look how happy he is!
Why I didn't start making yoghurt years ago. It's so fulfilling to get a batch done and know my husband will savor it.

How my dog could look this cute in print after he's peed on my Pottery Barn pillow.

Why I don't make scones more often knowing how soothing they are to me.

What exactly happens to all the apple skins while I'm peeling them.
If Samuel is really enjoying being strapped to my chest during a hike.
What I look like when I'm talking to other people. :(


Thanksgiving Photos

Samuel excited
Waving goodbye to my folks
Poppy and the crazy kids
Just the girls
My sweet folks came out for Thanksgiving this year. It was refreshing to have visitors and doubly awesome for the kids to have their meme and poppy come for the weekend.


Samuel 6 Months more of the Same Little Boy

A couple of sweet things about this dear little boy. He loves massages. After bath time he is so pleased to be rubbed down with baby lotion. Can you tell by his face? Samuel is still being swaddled at night. He won't sleep if he isn't bundled up nice and tight. He is so snuggly. I love to hug the little guy. Sometimes if I squeeze him too tight he spits up on me..


Samuel 6 months

It's happened. My baby has turned 6 months old. It bewilders me how quickly this last half year has gone by. It seems like just yesterday I was a nervous wreck, getting ready to leave the home I loved so much, saying goodbye to friends who had seen my family and I through two deployments, and of course awaiting the day for our baby to be born. The Lord called Samuel Theodore forth by means of induction June 2. Waiting 15 days past my due date I was ready to meet our new baby. Now here we are 6 months later. New home, trying to make new friends, and thankfully doing it with the same sweet family.

Back to Samuel, he's a sweet, sweet baby. He rarely cries. I could almost say never cries, but he did fuss a bit when he was sick this past weekend. Everyone adores the little bundle. Sweet Lib especially is smitten with him. She loves to clamor for his affection and attention, even if it means screaming..

The picture above is from Thanksgiving. He hung out in his chair bouncing and excited over the feast we were all enjoying.