Hula Hoop Lessons...

Louisa purchased a Hula Hoop with some money that she's been collecting.  Between the tooth fairy and what she has left from Christmas she was able to buy the thing from Target.  She was having a hard time figuring it out and none of the kids really know how to do it.  So, that only leaves one course of action.  Lessons from mom.  I attempted to hula... first under the belly and then over the belly..  It didn't work and Jackie said, "Mom, it looks like your dancing to some kind of psycho music!"  I give.

Kids at Play

Silas was feeling a touch better yesterday, so we went outside, with the camera, and had some play time.  The weather was so lovely and we enjoyed the sweet breeze moving through.  Of all the homes we've lived in the backyard in this one is the best.  There's so much room for the kids to run and play and there's no concern for them escaping as the fence wraps fully around.  Silas immediately will find a stick to hold onto or a ball.  He will stand beside the firepit and pretend to poke a fire.  The girls on the other hand swing, roll down the hill or have imaginary girly games.  It's so peaceful watching them play well together.  It's medicine to me to not have to correct them, but rather to watch them enjoy each other.  


Valley Girl Moment

I haven't seen this woman in a year...

I'm shopping for groceries for my sweet, sick family.  Libby is with me. (Silas is napping at home and Colby is in charge at the house while everyone moves along with lessons.) Headed down an aisle I see this kind lady from baseball.  I say hello and walk over to greet her and look at her little boy who's grown like a weed.  She exclaims, "OH, you're expecting again, does this make like 20 for you, he he!" Me, "No, actually it's 7." Her, "like 27 he, he."  Me, "huh." 

I wasn't offended because it reminded me of valley girls expressions... I don't know why.  The more I recount the quick conversation, the more I giggle...

What's been going on??

This week we've had a very interesting time..
1.) we really weren't through with the heaving bit.  Jackie had it on Monday and was really bad off.  She's recovered now and I think it's official that we can put away the Saltines.
2.) the blasted fire alarm went off Tuesday a.m. at exactly 1:34.  More fear and trembling for a weary eyed mother.  The school room alarm upstairs was triggered and set off the rest of them in the house.  All the kids slept through.  Salt went into howl mode.  I got online after I shut it off to figure out how it could be triggered, because the heat wasn't running upstairs.  It turns out that extreme cold can also trigger a fire alarm.  Last time that alarm went off it's because the heat was running and some settled dust was singed on a coil or something like that.
3.) my child.... left the silver cell phone in the pocket of his pants and i found it in the bottom of the wash after the cycle had run.. it's fried now... i think this happened last week actually.
4.) Louisa lost another tooth tonight.  It was the same as before, she looks at me and her tooth is pointed in my direction.  I flip out and tell her to hurry go pull it.  She tries, comes back to me and says it won't come out.  I look in her mouth and it's hanging against her bottom gum line. I had to pull it out.  It was so gross, I could feel the last bit of gum break off.  I nearly passed out.
5.) Silas is sick with what I believe is a croup infection. He had to have the steam treatment Wed. night.
6.) I've got some pregnancy issue in the lower extremities which are causing a great deal of discomfort..
7.) I really miss my honey
8.) I really miss my mommy
9.) That's it!

Because it's always fun to have a lot to do!

Need to buy a home?  Just kidding.  I know my readers don't, but here's the link to our home which is now For Sale By Owner.... no we're not crazy.  We love to be busy.  Know of anyone coming this way?  Send them over.


ERGO Carrier

Moms, who of you has this ERGO thing and what is your review of it?  pros and cons..


35 years tomorrow February 24

Let me tell you all that my best friend is turning another year older today.  Jake is my hero, let me clarify-- not only mine but the children's as well.  
We so wish we could shower you, Jake, with our love, affection, gifts, and favorite foods in person.  We so wish we could hug and kiss you on this day, put our hands on you and offer thanksgiving and prayer to God for you.  Glory be to God anyway!  We will pray and bless you none the less.  We are so proud of you, for your constant dedication to our God, to this family, to your work.  May you enjoy God's mercy for 35 more years and more on those and an Eternity after.  We love you darling!  Happy, Happy Birthday.


The eyes have it?

Libby seems to have 2 different color eyes.  On most days one of her eyes is blue and the other is green, there are some times that both appear blue, but only from a distance.  We constantly play with her about it.  Saying things like, "Libby why are your eyes 2 different colors?" or "Libby, point to your green eye".  She in turn will consistently point to the wrong one and we have to say, "No, Libby that's your blue eye, the other one is green". 
All of this attention has obviously caused some confusion as Louisa will sometimes ask, "What color is this eye, and what about this other one?"  We always affirm that both her eyes are the same color and that's how it is with 99% of people... 
Then there is confusion because when babies are born, their eyes are one color and as they grow their eyes eventual settle into a permanent color.  We've determined Silas will have green eyes, like Colby, Jackie, myself, and one of Libby's.  This has caused even more confusion, enough so that maybe we'll need to just quit talking eye color all together.  
While looking through some old pictures from Japan, Benjamin remarked, "Oh look, my eyes used to be red!"  
Unfortunately our older camera didn't have red eye reduction.  Poor Ben.  I just let it fly... No need to explain that one.

Really, It's been a merciful week

Having the stomach flu beginning early last Saturday morning had me on my back for a day and a half.  Of all the things it is the toughest common sickness for me to personally deal with.  After feeling better and breaking the fever I nervously waited to see who would be next, if at all.  Silas took his turn Tuesday and we all seem to fine now, 3 stomach issue free days.  
While I was sick I was able to rest, rest, rest.  The children were so helpful, kind, and concerned for me.  Rarely was there any quarreling and I dropped eaves on more than one family meeting going over various plans of action all led by Colby of course.  He is a natural leader and a servant when his heart is sparked.  I was served more saltine crackers than I could eat and ginger ale with plenty of water to boot.
What is it about harsh sickness that reminds us of our sweet hope of Christ.  Of being rid of this mortal, sick, earthly body.  I enjoyed my time of weakness knowing full well that God is Sovereign and my feeble, wretched body is fully in his hands.  
Praise the Lord for my time of rest and sweet reflection.


64 and Sunny

We had some terrific weather today.  I am no longer surprised that it can snow the same week that it's in the 60's.  The children romped around enjoying created worlds of imaginary play. The girls dressed as princess's and the boys dressed in their camouflage and baseball gear.  
Silas was the cutest to watch as he spent 45 minutes running to and fro armed with a stick.  At one point he caught Colby by surprise in a stick attack.  Eventually he dropped the stick and picked up a bag catcher.  That fun ended when he hung it up on one of the garden fences.  Libby, on the other hand, kept telling me she was going to be a princess and a Jedi.  
While they played hard I put together a savory Saturday meal and started some Shrimp Ceviche.  It's awesome being in this temporary season of everyone being old enough to play outside without me!


Sweet Week

My mom flew in this weekend past and stayed through Thursday.  She cooked dinner every night and made pancakes for lunch twice! (My kids may just have a new favorite in the kitchen-though they better not tell me;)  We played several games of Yahtzee and even watched a surprise snow shower one morning.  It was a sweet time and the house flow was one of ease.  

Thanks again for coming mom.  We love you