We are Here!

In the house and there is a lot to do.

I've updated the new address in the sidebar if you want to send us a letter ;)


Pictures from Texas

Texas was so fun!  We relaxed and played and knitted.  Jake and the boys picked up golf fever again.  My folks were sweet and took great care of us.  Thank you guys so much!  

We are trying to get out of the hotel in Alabama this morning, so not a lot of time for chat.  Take care and I'll post again soon.  

Don't want to forget, our new home is in Fredericksburg.  The address is 47 Marchant if you want to google it.  Don't send mail though, we've signed nothing yet.  That will happen after the 20th.


In Texas and We Have a Home

We are currently in Texas enjoying the heat of the day and cool of the pool at my mom and dad's home.  Our time here has been such a treat.  We've been able to regain a sense of calm in the midst of all the hubbub of a move.  It's been great to put up my feet as my ankles have tried to turn themselves into Cankles...

Yesterday morning we were offered a Duplex on base housing up in Fort Belvoir, north of Quantico.  We wrestled with the idea and tried to weigh whether or not we could do a Duplex.  We understand a Duplex is a fine place to live, but we don't really want to live in a Duplex and we imagined it would be very difficult with all the children.  Please don't get me wrong, we're not above it.  On a whim we decided to call a rental property south of Quantico located in Fredericksburg.  It's a property I've looked at for 2 months, but didn't ever call or pursue because of the high rent the owners wanted.  Yesterday was different because of the whole duplex thing.  Jake gave them a call and guess what?  The lady he spoke with was out to Costco, with her 6 children whom she homeschool's stocking up on chow.  Jake told her about us, what we could afford for rent and when we would move in.  She told him how there's been a lot of interest in the property, but that the right people hadn't come along yet.  She told Jake what the absolute low is that she and her husband would rent for and it was still 200 above our max.  She asked if she could call her husband and if Jake would also call him.  Apparently between phone calls the wife told her husband that our family was the one they should rent to.  They came down 400 dollars per month so that we could rent from them.  They are moving out soon and we'll be moving in the last week of April.  I can't tell you what shock and humility has been running through my system since hearing this news.  The Lord answered our prayers over and abundantly more than what we prayed for.

The home sits on nearly 4 acres.  There's more than 4500 square feet of living area.  With 6 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, having the stomach flu all at once will no longer be a problem. The driveway runs the length of the acreage so the kids can skateboard and ride their bikes without any traffic, except each other.  It's about a half hour commute for Jake, but really that's nothing in comparison to the blessing of this home.  The property sits on a well and septic tank, so that's a set of utilities we won't deal with.  Only electricity.  We are so thankful! Thank you so much for praying for us.  We are humbled once again. Thank you Lord!



We leave Cali today.  I never dreamed it would be so hard.  The Lord put us in a sweet God-fearing, Christ exalting church filled with Beautiful people and gave us such fabulous neighbors.  Lifetime friendships were established.  On Saturday the ladies from church held a baby shower for me.  It ended up being a crying fest, mainly on my part.  I always marvel at how friendships based on Christ are truly the sweetest, richest that there are.  I was so blessed by prayers, words of encouragement, scriptures to exhort and bless, that I simply could barely hold it together.  Thank you dear, sweet TCC ladies for pouring it on thick and wonderfully!

Sunday after church there was a huge italian feast goodbye fellowship for us.  Not only was there a feast and dessert and hugs and tears, there was a concert too!  I've blogged about a certain band before called, Brother Down.  Well, it turns out that they are actually husbands and fathers who are elders in the church we attend and they put on a concert for us to enjoy.  We were so blessed and the children were elated!  The music was awesome!  We were blown away by the generosity of the dear folks at church.

The trailer left our home Monday afternoon and we left our home Monday evening. It took a bit of time to break away as not all of our earthly things fit in the trailer. We ended up renting a mini U-haul and put all of our bikes and other things that wouldn't fit in there.  We gave away our barbecue grill to our neighbor as well. After doing one more walk/sweep of the house we headed north up here to Santa Cruz for a few nights vacation at a perfect little beach house.  The break has been refreshing and we had some very dear visitors throughout the week.  Jake's had surf buddies everyday. Despite my intentions to cook dinner for my family I wasn't permitted because different ladies from church insisted on bringing us meals.  Such a sweet week!

So today we leave.  No more Cali, no more beach house, a new place awaits and we have yet to fathom what good things the Lord will have for us.  It is a bitter sweet time, no doubt.

We are still on the hunt for a home and a church, so please pray for us.