Breakfast Cookies by Christie

I was given a recipe for Breakfast Cookies. Bake them, store them, and carry them with you on the go, enjoy with your coffee. Here is the recipe, modified to make it my own of course!

1/2 cup Brown Sugar
1/4 cup Vegetable Oil
3 egg whites
1/8 cup chopped candied ginger
1/8 cup dried cranberries
1/4 cup dried cherries
1 tsp. vanilla
1 1/2 cups fresh ground wheat
1/2 cup bran flakes
2 Tbsp. flax seed
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. allspice
1/4 cup slivered almonds

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Combine sugar, oil, and egg whites. Stir in chopped fruits and vanilla. Add dry ingredients. Combine and fold in almonds. Drop on cookie sheet to make 12 large cookies. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until done. These are almost like a muffin, as they are nice and thick.

Silas Hangs Out

He hasn't quite figured it out, but he seems to be pleased. He was very frightened by it a month ago, but not anymore. Perhaps something happened to him when I wasn't watching. I can't imagine that being the case.


What would you do?

If the "Secret Service" came to your door at lunch. You read that right. The door bell rang at lunch time today. Normally I wouldn't open the door to an old man when my husband isn't home, but since mom is here, I did. He quickly flashed a badge at me and said he was from the Secret Service. What?!? He says he's doing a background check on a "neighbor" who used to live on the street - 2 years ago. I told him I didn't live here 2 years ago. He says, "well can you point me to anyone who did?" I point him to another house. He says, "okay, what's this house number?" I say, "it's 115." He says, "And your name." I say, "I'm not going to tell you." He says, "I just told you I'm with the 'Secret Service', I'm not going to get you." Housewife thinks to herself "he's not going to get me?" I say, "I don't care, I'm not telling you." I close the door and he leaves. What in the world? Is the Secret Service in the habit of showing up at your house too? I thought they were secret. He didn't have a car, that was a secret. But come on.

Louisa and Storytime

You can read as well as I can, she's really into it.

Libby at Play

What is a mother to do when the Lord gives a 70 degree day in the middle of winter? She sends the children outside. Libby, like all children loves the outdoors. She enjoys swinging, sliding, chasing the dog, running from the dog, and playing in the dirt. She is not bothered by the filth of dirt at all, she will actually consume it. Today, while outside, she had a mishap with a 2 quart jug of pink lemonade. Jackie was serving the boys a cool drink and Libby wanted to help. By the time I discovered the extent of the mishap it was too late.... We had to throw the tights away.


Her Children Will Rise Up and Call Her Blessed

Before my husband left the country my mother told us that she wanted to come once a month and serve the children and I...

She has held true to her word and made the trip from Texas 5 different times.
During her visits we've run kids to and from sports practice, we've changed numerous diapers, cooked many meals, painted various rooms, etc. She has been a real trooper. She's even been on the receiving end of an exhausted, worn out house wife with an ungrateful attitude. The kids have gotten to the point where they expect her to come. As have I. She really is a treasure and I have been blessed to be on the receiving end of this treat. This is her last trip before my husband comes home. It's exciting because I know that this season of life is coming to a close. Mom, thank you so very much for your commitment to our little family. I am so thankful for your sacrifice away from job and dad. Dad, thank you for parting with mom so often, so that she could come and serve us. I love you both!

Ben Responds to the Timer

Ever since we ran into some lazy habits with Ben, we've been using the timer. It helps him eat red meat in a more timely manner. Miraculously, it also enables him to clean his room in 15 minutes flat! Once we hit the start button, he goes into "song mode." This is Ben's way of humming in a loud, rhythmic, battle mantra. Think Gladiator. Moving to the point, Ben has to be timed for his math class as well. Facts Practice Test is what it's called. He needs to be able to answer 25 questions in a minute. This hasn't proven to be one of his strengths. Facts Practice is a very serious time for Ben, which more often then not, he ends up in tears. The nature of his personality is very serious and he gets extremely agitated with himself if his performance is poor. We're still working through this and doing a lot of encouraging to help him along.


Playmates already

Thumb Sucker

If you have known the Reynolds for any amount of time, I'm sure you would see that at one point or another someone is sucking on a finger or two(Libby). Here is a little picture of Silas sucking on his. Well, not really sucking. He hasn't quite figured out how to close his mouth around his thumb. So, he ends up hanging his thumb just inside his cheek and he gurgles and coos while doing so. Very sweet.

A Hat for Christine

She spends quite a bit of time reading and when she's not, she is at my side. So, she know's how to knead a bit of bread and knit. Here is the first thing she has knit that was worth taking a picture of. Mind you, she's created many, "little things." After all it's hard for an 8 year old to stay on focus for too long, well really, it's hard for a 30 year old to stay on task for too long....


So Silas decided to get on all four's today. I sat there in amazement and watched him hangout, like it was no big deal. Then I decided that if he's going to just stay there I should get a picture. I sent Colby on the run. He delivered the camera and Silas permitted two photos to be taken before he reassumed his normal position.

Sisters, Sisters


On January 12, 2008, I honored my earthly father by flying our nations flag on board a night air-to-air refueling mission over western Iraq.  He turned the grand ol' age of 60 that day.  Pictured is the crew of Midas, and Dad's flag in the background, right before getting in our seats for engine start.  The flag will be delivered at a later date, as this is but a sneak preview.  Happy birthday Dad!

Posted by Jake not Christie!!

Silas and His Fans

Christie's Cookies

These taste great, they're chewy, full of flavor, and healthy!
Cream these together:
2 sticks butter
1/4 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
Mix In:
1 2/3 cups of fresh milled whole wheat flour (if using white flour use 1 1/2 cups)
1 tsp. baking soda
2 cups old fashioned oats (not quick)
Chocolate Chips/Chunks (more than half a bag but not the full thing)
1/2 cups finely chopped walnuts
Mix well. Drop by spoonfuls on parchment covered cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for 11 minutes.

The Official, Unofficial Word

You read that right. I've been given the official word of Jake's return, though in the USMC that could change at any time, since my husband has signed himself over to their use. We are so excited. I have had the date for a while now, but didn't tell the children. I sat them all down about a week ago and asked them if they would want to know when their dad would come home. I also told them this date could be lengthened by 6 days, so they would need to prepare themselves for a possible upset. Except for Colby they all wanted to know. I told the kids it was all of them know or none of them know. Colby gave me his reasoning as to why he didn't want to know. He told me he wouldn't be able to bear the disappointment of his dad not coming home on the certain day that I would reveal. I decided to withhold my information until daddy had a firm word and then I'd tell them. Well, he received the "firm word" yesterday and I told the kids within moments of the news. Their squeals of delight were so pleasing. They can't wait and we'll see him before I pay the next electric bill. So awesome.

Little Girls and Hair

I remember as a young girl being specifically told by my mother to keep my gum away from my hair. Mind you, I loved gum, I'd keep it on the bed post at night and chew it again the next day, thus the term ABC gum... Already Been Chewed. So, what do all little children do, when instructed not to do something. They do it. The gum made it's way to the back of my hair. It was a nice big, hairy, sticky mess. Mom, in all of her righteous glory, could have wacked my hair off and called it quits, but she didn't. She lovingly worked it out with peanut butter. Now Louisa doesn't put gum in her hair, not yet anyway. Though someone did manage to slip a few pieces in the wash here recently, but that's another story. Louisa is merely given to little girl tangles or in the old english, rat's nest'. So, we work it out in the morning continuously. Quite often I find oats and honey from her breakfast. As her hair has grown her curls have become somewhat weighed down as well. So, after consulting with a dear friend and my husband. We decided, with Louisa's agreement of course, to trim the hair. She'll have more curls and less oats with honey now.


If it looks like a Reynolds...

It is. Rather he is. This is Silas at 6 months. He is learning how to sit up. He's a bundle of fun, and as someone said today, he has, "a lot of life behind his eyes."

My Best Friend

I know what you're thinking. Chocolate isn't my best friend, it's in the running at about 5th or 6th on my list. My best friend is my husband. Not because he purchases chocolates for me, but because he loves my soul and is helping me to heaven. Just last night, I needed correcting on a heart issue. Instead of stoking my sinfulness, he simply corrected me. He pointed me to my Savior, the one who my idol should be! Yes, I have an idol worship problem. Too often I put Jake at the top of my heart. However, in Jake's words to me last night. "I didn't die for you. Jesus did." Amen to that.


The Lord of the Fairies

That's the name of the play my children put on today. Rather, they called it the, "Act." They spent much of the day digging through the recycling bin and putting together their props and creating their skit. I must say the finished product was priceless. The bad guy dies, the fairies are unscathed and the children wake up from what was just a dream...

After much convincing

I am in the blog world, no longer a stalker, but a writer.