Authority is challenging.

What is it about this sinful nature of ours that refuses to yield to authority? I am beginning to see the difficulty of sons yielding to their mother's authority. The older the boys get, the more apt they are to challenge me and see just how far I will yield. The problem typically begins as soon as Jake leaves the front door. It's as if the sons might be curious if I should be submissive to them. Clearly there is some role playing involved, but sometimes it's complete disregard. They by no means have my best interests at heart, even though they've seen nothing but loving, respectful leadership from Jake in regards to me. It's almost as if they think that I'm foolish and never know what I'm talking about, questioning most of my decisions.

All this to say that in my analyzing of them, I too will sometimes challenge my God. Not trust him through uncertainties and resist him subtly if not blatantly. The Lord always has my best at heart, yet I stubbornly resist. Lord, forgive me of my pride and may I gently lead my son's and be forgiving of them.


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Thank you for a great testimony! I was a poor example as Jakes dad while he was growing up but our Big God had other plans and saved Jake in Longview Texas while he was in college. The scriptures are clear! "a foolish son is a grief to his father, and bitterness to her who bore him. Proverbs 17-25. Stay the course Dear Christie you will be richly rewarded in heaven one day for your steadfastness raising God's children.

CLR said...

dad, thank you for the kind encouragement.