Time to Swim!

With any good road trip, the road is no good if you have no place to stop, re-charge, and play hard.  We've taken our first respite in Longview, Texas, where the days are hot and the water is cool.  The kids have swam countless hours already and don't seem close to a stopping point.  Libby has been so cute with her green goggles... they squish her nose in such a silly way.  Colby is the Cannon-Ball King, and Louisa has relearned her abilities in the water.  Jake of course is used as a boat - tugging kids back and forth across the pool and of course is excellent for tossing the kids in the water when they get too sure of themselves!


Claire Higgins said...

Summer at Mimi and Popi's!! Looks like great fun and the one of Libby makes me laugh!

dirtandrib said...

Libby, "Pastor Thomas" (the she) misses you.
Stay cool in the pool and eat your mimi's
good cookin'!

Appollo Schloss said...

It is so great to see you are all well and having fun at it! Samuel is soo cute, just like they rest of the fam!