Libby is 4!

Her birthday lunch drink.. compliments of one dear big brother.
Daddy delivers.. no pun intended.
She blew and blew and blew...
Delighted with her Chocolate Raspberry Cake.
Even Salty got into it. Scary little bunny!

Shhh! Last night we celebrated Libby's 4th Birthday. Sure it was a day early, but she doesn't know that.. Jake has a class tonight and it wouldn't be fittin' to rush a Reynolds' party along. We had gifts, cake, singing, and prayers of blessing and admonition over her life. It was so fun. She is such a gem to us, one of our favorite earthly treasures.
When we delivered her cake it took about 20 blows to extinguish the candles and they weren't trick candles either. She was aiming about 2 inches above the flame with her little breath. Once she had success, we erupted with cheers!
She is now the owner of a pink scooter and helmet to match.


Claire Higgins said...

Happy Birthday Libby! Great lookin' cake!

Karen said...

Sweet Libby! Happy Birthday darling. Hope you have a wonderful birthday year! Look at all the help she was receiving. Looks like Silas wanted to give the candles a try.
luvs and hugs

Christy said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Libby! We love you!

lifelove'n'wine said...

Happy birthday Libby! What a beautiful family...I can't believe they are growing so fast! I hope I get to see them someday soon.

pops said...

Beautiful Birthday Girl!!
Happy Birthday Libby!!!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Libby, happy birthday! you are not a toddler anymore,
you are a real little girl.