Benjamin the young..

so full of life and love.

He has been inquiring about baptism a lot lately and has really been expressing a child-like faith with love for the Father. He passes us notes declaring His adoration of the Savior and only recently duct-taped a note to the front of his bike for all to see. We met up with a new neighbor today and she seemed to look curious at it. I wonder if she thinks he was referring to his excellent ability to ride his bike. It was a sweet testimony whatever she may have thought.

Yesterday, I also heard him declaring to Louisa and Libby in his most proud voice, "Guess how many days these socks have lasted without going into the wash?" muffled responses in the background, "Three girls, that's right, three whole days."

He told us last night as well that his hair has become way too long and he now wishes to be bald.

Then today he inquired, "What does boycott mean?" I answered him and his response was, "Oh, then I want to boycott Lowe's."


Christy said...

So sweet...although I must say he must still be a boy indeed if he wants to boycott Lowes because I don't know of a man on the planet who would say the same thing!

dirtandrib said...

Ben, you have a friend that shares your sentiment. Pastor Thomas would boycott Lowes if he could. He goes because he has to and can't find what he needs at Mitchell's Hardware. Christie, you need to write this stuff down so you don't forget these great conversations you over hear your children having...well I guess you are by blogging about it! Love you guys.

Appollo Schloss said...

This is fantastic!
Something we were recently amused by "If it's not stuck and you want it to be, use duck tape, if it's stuck and you don't want it to be us WD-40." words of wisdom?
Mike would vote yes for bald, and would not jump on a boycott for Lows, he loves the place, or may be just what's inside. I on the other hand, may join in, too many trips i think.

Maryn said...

Love the bike sign. Praise indeed!

Karen said...

Sweetness of a child! We have so much to learn from them.
But Lowes .. how can you go wrong there?

Claire Higgins said...

His message says SOOO MUCH. What wisdom!
Good thing he likes baldness, like I do, since it may run in the family...ie, his uncle clint!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Way to go Ben! please don't boycott krispy kremes