We leave Cali today.  I never dreamed it would be so hard.  The Lord put us in a sweet God-fearing, Christ exalting church filled with Beautiful people and gave us such fabulous neighbors.  Lifetime friendships were established.  On Saturday the ladies from church held a baby shower for me.  It ended up being a crying fest, mainly on my part.  I always marvel at how friendships based on Christ are truly the sweetest, richest that there are.  I was so blessed by prayers, words of encouragement, scriptures to exhort and bless, that I simply could barely hold it together.  Thank you dear, sweet TCC ladies for pouring it on thick and wonderfully!

Sunday after church there was a huge italian feast goodbye fellowship for us.  Not only was there a feast and dessert and hugs and tears, there was a concert too!  I've blogged about a certain band before called, Brother Down.  Well, it turns out that they are actually husbands and fathers who are elders in the church we attend and they put on a concert for us to enjoy.  We were so blessed and the children were elated!  The music was awesome!  We were blown away by the generosity of the dear folks at church.

The trailer left our home Monday afternoon and we left our home Monday evening. It took a bit of time to break away as not all of our earthly things fit in the trailer. We ended up renting a mini U-haul and put all of our bikes and other things that wouldn't fit in there.  We gave away our barbecue grill to our neighbor as well. After doing one more walk/sweep of the house we headed north up here to Santa Cruz for a few nights vacation at a perfect little beach house.  The break has been refreshing and we had some very dear visitors throughout the week.  Jake's had surf buddies everyday. Despite my intentions to cook dinner for my family I wasn't permitted because different ladies from church insisted on bringing us meals.  Such a sweet week!

So today we leave.  No more Cali, no more beach house, a new place awaits and we have yet to fathom what good things the Lord will have for us.  It is a bitter sweet time, no doubt.

We are still on the hunt for a home and a church, so please pray for us.


Linda said...

Thanks for adding us - your post starts the tears of remembrance flowing once again...it was a precious time with a precious family! We'll be praying you all the way to your new home! Much love, Linda

Appollo Schloss said...

Safe travels friends.

We will be praying, the Lord will provide.

jj said...

I'm so sorry for your sad parting! Travel safe, dear friend. We'll meet you at this end :)

Jen said...

Safe Travels!

Claire Higgins said...

Best wishes in your next adventure! So glad your departure was filled with so much love and joy, as it should be.
Also, a week at a beach house...can't beat that! :)

shana bartlett said...

Just checked your blog.
Yes, crying fest! You are one amazing family and we already miss you so much on Sundays. Looking forward to seeing your updates AND pictures of your little one.
Love to you and the family~