Around the yard (again)

The weather has held up for a 2nd mowing of the lawn and for some enjoyable, lengthy afternoons. We are enjoying the outside so much that I still haven't taken any inside shots. 
 Is that John Deere green or Jake Deere green? I like to say that he's "lawn surfing." I think what he's doing in the picture is the equivalent of "hanging ten" on a surfboard except I don't know that you could call it that. Any suggestions?
 Sweet Samuel. He's officially a Washington Nats fan. He's so cute! On a side note; I suspect he suspects something's going on with me as he's been a bit clingier than usual and refuses to look at my stomach. Particularly when the other kids come up to me and rub it. Poor Sam.
In the front left of the picture you can sort of see the front parking before you get to the garage.  It's where UPS/FEDEX/USPS make their turnarounds so they don't have to back up or down the driveway. We use it for the same measure and it's a perfect place for the BRV. Though our garage is big enough and the doors are tall enough that we could probably fit the van in the garage. That's not going to happen anytime soon. Especially with two Chevy's on the lot.
Sweet Lib. She puts on a dress in the morning and runs and twirls down the long hill out front in the afternoon. Her asthma has been at bay since getting to the house. I'm hopeful it'll stay there.
A close-up of a beauty! She loves to sit out front every bit as much as I do. Makes for sweet companionship.


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

can wait to visit!

Gaines Family said...

Great pictures! So glad that your home is such a wonderful fit : )

Appollo Schloss said...

I love the new picture at the top! It's only missing one, or I guess two. It's still super cool!

team brownlee said...

Oh Christie, SOOOO fun to see your incredible home. Wow, I would love to just stop by and spend an evening with you all and get a tour. We miss you all very much, especially on Sundays, and will be praying for you as you wait for Baby. Say hello to everyone!