Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Okay, if you got the sex wrong it's an automatic DQ.  Team Brownlee guessed the weight closest and C Steel guessed the date closest. It might take some time for your gifts to arrive, but you ladies won! Woot!

Pops, your guess doesn't count since you guessed after the fact.. :~)


Christy said...

There is really no prize necessary! The joy of seeing pictures of your beautiful girl is more than enough!

Karen said...

I am a gracious looser ... well not really. But I don't mind loosing because I consider myself to be winner. I will be there next week to love on the entire family and Jake goes back to work on Wednesday, I figure I will find the jam and eat some!

team brownlee said...

Oh my goodness!!! She is the most beautiful little babe! I can't wait to show Jordan pictures and am calling Emma in right now to see. She is so beautiful, Christy! And your birth story is crazy, once again. But fast! Wow, I am so glad to have seen these today. We miss you all and pray for you regularly! Much love, Hope