Two Subject Post

To begin with, the little lady pictured below is 4 months old. She is an absolute delight. She has some crazy, crazy hair. The girl has a poof of blackness that stands on end every day of the week. After the bath, after brushing, even after oiling, it stands up. What's funny is that Jake thinks it's a sign. If you were to look closely at her hair from a certain angle, you can see that it forms a "perfectly peeling wave." Those are Jake's exact words. He thinks it has something to do with the fact that he's being drawn back to Santa Cruz for a surf session. Hmmm.
Sweet little lady.

Jake's perfect peeler.
The second subject I want to mention are the beautiful sunrises that God's been delighting us with here. The photographs below are from my front door on a clear morning. The leaves have started to turn and the skies resemble something of a Carolina sky. It's just so magnificent. It's so kind of the Lord to show us a glimpse of such splendor. I feel so refreshed when I step out the front door and the chill of fall cools my face and the light of the sun causes my eyes to adjust to the bright beauty of it. So wonderful!
Tips of trees bowing to fall.

Down the grassy meadow out front. 

Feathery drifty skies.
Okay, maybe this is 3 subjects. If you haven't checked out Josh Garrels you must. We are all hooked here. We bought the album Jacaranda from iTunes and can't get enough. Dare you to listen!


Appollo Schloss said...

She is a sweetie!

Thanks for sharing the view it is breath-taking. I'm loving the crisp air myself.

dirtandrib said...

Two signs...both waves and sunrises can be found in NC.

Karen said...

She is so happy all the time.
I really don't think her hair is the sign of the perfect surf wave .. I am afraid it is a cowlick. Sorry Jake.
Can't wait to get a few glimpses of the changing leaves next week.

Claire Higgins said...

So many beautiful things to post! Hazel is a dear. i love her spunky hair!
Also, the chair she is in rocks. :)

CHiggins said...

Beautiful little girl!

Looks like New England in trhe fall, enjoy it!!

TMGaines said...

Beautiful pictures! My middle boy had a peeling wave too and it has developed into some of the strangest cowlicks I've ever seen ; ) Not to worry, with longer hair the "wave" is manageable.
Thanks for turning us on to Josh Garrels. We too have downloaded a bunch of his songs and have really enjoyed them!

jj said...

Funny you mention J. Garrels. I was listening this weekend, on yo ur recommendation :) And thinking of you! Tell Jake that Moriah had such a wave in her hair and John thought it was a sign that EVERYONE in the family should do CrossFit (not just him); it was a 'wave of the future' or something. :)

CLR said...

Claire, the chair was great. Too bad it's not ours ;(

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

What a cutie, just like a sweet beautiful cupie doll with great delightful hair! Love the fall look of the east coast. We are in golds and reds here from the aspens and cottonwoods. It is finally cooling down and snow is expected in the valley Thursday. Love, Mom

Brittany Martin said...

Yes, that must be a wave, and yes, we're ready for you when you come!