Thanksgiving, Kids, and Trees (Random Post)

We had a most wonderful Thanksgiving. Jake was given a 4 and a 1/2 day weekend. We made the most of it by feasting, playing, and exploring.
Wednesday night before the big day Jake grilled us tubular steaks (hot dogs) for dinner. I've come a long way folks. There was a time where I wouldn't dare eat those things for dinner. But, out of necessity and in need of a break every now and then, I joyously put them on the dinner menu. Hazel was pleased I took Thanksgiving eve off.
We set the table for the feast. The settings were beautiful. It was the first time that I used the silver my mom bought me for my birthday two years ago. When she had come to visit us in Monterey we spent an afternoon strolling along Pacific Grove popping in and out of the fun little boutiques that beset the streets there. Mom caught a glimpse of a set of silver for a very reasonable price. She offered to buy it for me for my birthday instead of giving me cash. This was great because I know I'd never buy a set of silver with my birthday money. Instead I'd make about 20 trips to Chick-Fil A and buy their number 6 or sink it into 10 yards of nice fabric.  Colby buffed the silver for me and was so pleased to see that there was actually service for 12. We could all eat with matching Silverware!! Jackie polished our silver napkin rings so everything looked perfect. We ate turkey with the fixings like almost every other American. I had help with the pies this year too. I handed Jackie her own pie responsibility, so she and Louisa popped out the best pumpkin pie ever. Yummy.

Friday took Jake and big sons down to the beach while the girls, little dudes and I dug out the Christmas decorations and strolled down memory lane. We also were saddened to see some of our favorite ornaments destroyed by the last move. Sad. Oh the effects of a cross country move. Anyway, most things were intact and we had fun putting everything out.

Saturday brought us to the tree farm. We have a tradition of cutting down our own tree. It's fun for us to all go find the perfect tree. We ended up at a spooky old Christmas tree farm. We decided to load back up and go find another place with healthier looking trees and less dogs...
Samuel found a tree that was perfect for him. Sorry buddy, it's a bit short for the rest of us.
We cut down the tree and took a hay ride to the front of the lot. Colby kept the tree from rolling out.
Silas was in his element. He looked very much like a real farm hand with his oversized woody hat.
Hazel hung out in the Moby Wrap. She likes it most of the time. Jake and I like to say, "Help me Moby Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." Ha, ha we think it's funny. I took this picture by holding the camera out to the side of the sweet little girl. I love how it turned out.

We are now decking the halls and celebrating. The kids are super excited for the big name swap and we've busted out the Christmas hymns for our nightly singing before dinner. Such fun!


CHiggins said...

Such an awesome post!
Love the details..
Justin and I had PIZZA for thanksgiving...........First time EVER i had no turkey, dressing gravy , pies :(((
Love you all!!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

our Christmas decorations are up too, glad you had an adventure cutting your tree. great pix of the family.

P and J Garaway said...

oh I love that picture of Hazel. She is such a beautiful girl! Love it!

JLR said...

I can't take credit for the moby ditty, instead courtesy of Sunset...you know who you are.

Brittany Martin said...

What a beautiful Thanksgiving table! (And beautiful baby girl).

Karen said...

Wonderful details of a family holiday. If I could have chosen to be born in your family ... I would!