Famine Results

Thank you for praying for the kids and the 30 hour famine. They did wonderful and had a blast with their peers.

The kids assembled more than 50 new parent bags for the local Christian Pregnancy Crisis center as well as numerous baggies of toiletries for the homeless. They learned about various countries suffering from famine's and oppression. They heard talks from missionaries who have recently returned from Uganda. They also played various games. They broke the fast with a large meal of rice and beans. They said it was the best rice and beans they'd eaten.

Jake had a good time too. He was assigned the job of being the mosquito in a game of freeze tag. Not just any mosquito, he had malaria, and every kid he tagged caught it too until they were all frozen. Pretty eye opening.

Altogether more than 4200 dollars was collected and we've had more donations coming in. It's a wonderful thing to have so many people united for this cause. Many children will benefit from the small sacrifices that everyone made.

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Karen said...

what an eye opening experience for them. Really ... for all of us.
I love how you teach us all.