Sporadic Blogging, Sporadic Photographing

Once again my blog sits here. 
Without a post; without a care. 
I ineptly try to get to my laptop only to find it occupied by a child. 
Ahhh, gone are the days where my things are my own. 
Now is the time where my things are theirs. 
I sit and ponder how this came to be and realize that perhaps this is how it's always been. 
Even the dog holds claim to furniture that was once very new and lovely. 
He sees it his duty to break it in. 
Alas, at least my pillow no one takes. 
Speaking of "akes", I've had my share perhaps you'd care to hear? 
Perhaps not. 
That's alright, that's not why you came. 
You didn't drop by to see what a lousy poet I am either. 
So, I'll leave you with some pictures.   
Libby Lee growing up.

Colby Brett with straight teeth and hair!

Littles competing for puffs.

Hazel gets the kiss.

And the hug.

Black birthmarks and black wicker.

Who says dress up and bicycle helmets don't mix?

There's my doll.

Hazel warms my lap.

This is a good spot for the rowdy little man.

Free rides on the skateboard. 

The Indian blood runs strong in him. Too bad he didn't load his gun correctly. 

The most peaceful moments take place on hammocks.

You can only see how dark her lashes are when her eyes are closed.
That's all for now.
Happy Friday and
Happy Weekend!
Until we meet again.


Jen said...

Oh I love these pictures! Colby is so incredibly handsome and grown up! I also love Libby's style. ;)

Claire Higgins said...

I was hoping you'd post soon. Nice to see all of you! Everyone looks beautiful as always.

Karen said...

Colby couldn't be more handsome, Jackie is a doll, Benjamin is the warrior, Louisa is precious, Libby is her own person, Silas is Silas, Sam has fire in his eyes, and yes Hazel has dark lashes an a full head of hair. You and Jake look great too!! Thanks for the post. Love it

EricTee said...

Too cute !

CHiggins said...

love the pics Christie

Yeah Claire last time i checked you were still doing taxes .....:)

whats up with that.....

Tiffany said...

How lovely!

dirtandrib said...

Love these spring pics!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

great pictures and message!