Chill Time.

A night or two ago, Jake and I were going to have a scrabble date, but he was exhausted and went to bed early. I too was tired, but didn't want to go to bed early. It seems that each day runs into the other so quickly that I rarely catch a break.  What, with homeschooling and cooking, with running kids around to orchestra, guitar, and ballet, with cleaning up the house and disciplining the kids, with planning time for just Jake and I to be together and preparing meals, with mountains of laundry and tickling the kids and listening to the kids and talking to the kids and crying because of my shortcomings with the kids... It often seems that one day never truly ends. It just blends into another and into another and into another. I love my job and my high calling in this family, yet when the opportunity to chill out knocks at my door. I welcome it with open arms. So that's what I did the other night when the house unexpectedly shut down at 8:45. I ended up opening the computer and reminiscing over pictures. Laughing at them and marveling at how the kids have changed so much, even in this current duty station. 

While looking at the pictures I was quickly reminded of the labors of the day and the things that I could be doing, like the laundry or scrubbing that shower (thanks JJ..). Then I decided I would be better off sitting and resting and by doing so I'd be more engaged and excited about hitting the next day running. 

I was reminded of this scripture:
Mark 6:31, "'And he (Jesus) said to them, "Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.' For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat."
There are actually days that lunch is neglected til snack time or not eaten altogether. While my sweet mom was here visiting, she reminded me of the blessing to munch all the time. I'm making it my focus to eat more! After all, the little people keep me physically engaged. They are all over the place. 

I have to share about my sweet Hazey. I get so tickled by her. She reminds me of Yoda and Hobbits. There's a scene in Star Wars where Luke is discouraged because he's crash landed his ship into the belly of a planet and Yoda shows up. Yoda is digging through Luke's bag and is pulling things out throwing them every which way. Of course Luke is further exasperated by this and Yoda isn't bothered. He just keeps on checking stuff out and even eating some of it. Funny. Hazel is like that. She digs in my bathroom drawers and throws things in the trash that shouldn't go there, she puts my nail polish bottles in the toilet. She smears herself in Vaseline and destroys tubes of lipstick. She climbs up on the table and shreds important documents. When no one is paying attention she'll chew gum. She's funny. I chase her and save her constantly. She's my little wandering sheep right now. She'd get herself into all manner of trouble if I dare turn my head too long. She doesn't understand when I tell her no. She wants her way all the time. She's like a hobbit because she's so squat and hairy. 

Thinking of Hazel leads me to Samuel. The little lad is hilarious. His voice is like that of a muppets. Jim Hansen could seriously take it and develop a new muppet character from his chords and call him Sammy T. Jake and I are always so pleased to hear him speak; we can't help but smile and tune him in. Samuel has a very childlike understanding of his world. He expressed to me the other day that he thinks we pray before dinner so that our meal is cool enough. He doesn't quite grasp the idea of worship nor communion with the Father. If his meal is hot, he says, "need to pray!" Priceless. He is busy and sometimes a wee bit naughty during homeschool hours. He knows when I'm up to my elbows in reading and recitations with the kids because that's when the 'world of the littles' unfolds. He tries to bully Hazel around and she always reveals to us whats going on by her sudden shrill scream of "NO!" Not long after Samuel will start crying because she's pulled his hair. She does this frequently. She refuses to take any of his harassing. He's even gone so far as to tempt her to climb the ladder to Silas's bunkbed. Naughtiness. He then ditches her and comes and tattles on her.  Ahhh, what's a mom to do. 

I tell you, God has equipped me for all of this. I don't often know how I get everything accomplished. Oh, that's right, I DON'T get everything accomplished. I keep my appointments and the rest is chiseled away when I'm able.  
Proverbs 21:5 blesses me, "The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty." 
and this too:

Proverbs 14:1, "the wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down."
Alright, I'm all over the place with this post, but I can hear the baby Hobbit (thanks Maryn) aka Hazel stirring from her nap. I'll leave you with some pictures I was tickled to come upon during my thoughtful evening of chill time. I've been guilty of not taking pictures lately. Mainly because..... well, no excuse. I just haven't. 
She's angry with me. Flailing her arms around. 

Where'd the water all go, oh it's in the roll of TP. Thanks, Hazel.

Upside down hobbit baby. 

Yoga in action.
Okay, next post I'll try to stay on topic.


jackie777 said...

Oh how I miss you guys

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

we love your true feelings!

Karen said...

Priceless like you and your family. I love being in the hectic life of the Reynolds. The lessons I learn from you and your family are numerous. The biggest one is and most important is FAMILY! I believe the family unit is the second most powerful force in the world. The first one being the Church. Love your posts.

CHiggins said...

Love it !!

dirtandrib said...

My little girl is very similar daring, feisty, a little naughty, and oh so lovely!

Colby Reynolds said...

Love the pictures Mom!