Samuel turned 4! (I'm so late in posting)

Samuel is 4 now. The little lad keeps me on my toes. He is a delight. He is talking a bit behind is peer group. He has broken more bones than most kids in his peer group and more than anyone else in the house. He's had 2 root canals, a record for the Reynolds household as far as the kids go. He's eyes are still electric blue. He vows that when the baby is born no bees will hurt the baby. If the bees do hurt the baby, he will kill the bees and then feed the baby ice-cream. He absolutely adores his mommy and daddy. He waits for Jake to come driving up our acreage and then hops in the car for a ride. He sits beside me in the quiet times of the day and pats my tummy and tells me how he loves me. He is an amazing little boy. 

Every bit of effort and labor to bring this little man into the world would be happily repeated over and over by his momma. It is such a privilege to know our Samuel. I'm so glad God fashioned him just the way He did and that Jake and I get the privilege of calling him son. 

Happy, happy birthday, Samuel. May you have many more feasting days of celebration in our home. May the Lord deal kindly with you. May you respond with fear, trembling, and joy before Him. We love you little man!

The dynamic duo charge the ram. Hazel insisted on being blind-folded. 

Cruzer is done and Samuel's just begun.

Absolutely cracked up at the responses of the kids when Colby whacked the ram their way!

Ahh, Jake.

The complete cowboy package for his gift.

Could his expression be any more priceless?

There was success!


Jen said...

Love, love, love these pictures! He is such a sweet boy and the complete cowboy costume is just adorable. Love how those eyes light up when he sees sweets! :)

dirtandrib said...

Oh, what wonderful pictures of sweet memories made!