What's really going on...

The last week has been a whirlwind! We moved out of 4500 square feet and 4 acres to 2500 square feet and 1/16 of an acre. After a few trips to the dump, a few trips with a u-haul, one load of firewood, 12 saints scrubbing our old house and serving our family with their labors and backs. We can say that we are 95% moved in! We need only build a shed for Jake's Garage and our numerous bikes and then organize the basement. 

We closed on the house today and came away with a gift card and money. Super duper thankful. 

So, why all the hubbub? Why all the change, why the prayers and late nights? Why the sometimes anxious hearts? Why the raising of our voices in song and frustration??? 

It is because my beloved, my Marine, my hero, my life partner, my best friend, my Jacob is retiring next month! We are saying good bye to the Marine Corps. We are nervous and hopeful for the future. We are pleased with how God has tremendously provided for our family in the past and trust His mighty provision for the future. Jake will be taking a job with Air Wisconsin, building his pilot hour currency and from there we will see which major airline God leads us to.

Please pray for us during this time of transition. Please pray for our baby who is due in 2 and 1/2 weeks. Thank you all so much! 


Linda said...

All I can say is "wow"!! We are excited for you all; so many "new" things in such a short time.
We rejoice with you and look forward to being closer (geographically)to your dear family in a few months.
Much love,

Tiffany said...

So blessed for you guys! Prayers will be said continually for your precious family.

Karen said...

Praying daily for you all of you. I celebrate your family every day. You are an example for me and I love you all very much. See you soon!

Appollo Schloss said...

How exciting! We will pray for that lil Reynolds.

dirtandrib said...

Are you holding up your belly?!

Nanny said...

I left a message but I think I erased it by trying to correct my spelling. Just know I love you and admire you for all of your strength, faith and wisdom. keep us posted on BJ. I think it is a boy. Love, Nan