We loaded the moving trailer today.  Scratch that, I didn't load, but my husband and 5 men from church did.  We were overwhelmed by the willingness of these men to give us their strength and energy, not to mention the better part of their day to come and serve us.  Within 6 hours of work they loaded, our approximation, 12,000 pounds of goods into a trailer that is 28 feet long, 9 feet high and 8 feet wide.  There was even about 4 feet to spare in the back.  We are so excited and a rather large burden has been lifted.  Thank you Daniel, Ray, Ken, Jesse, and Eric for serving our family so well.

On the flip side doing the behind the scenes work were a few good women... might I say fine women?  Myia, thank you for watching all 6 children all day long, for serving them lunch and preparing us dinner!  We couldn't have been so quick in packing without you.  Maryn, thank you for running me around to Walmart and Subway this morning.  Kelly, thank you for taking my dirty clothes to your house, washing them, and then returning them folded along with fresh muffins and cookies for our enjoyment.  

We are blessed by Christ to be a part of such a family of believers!

And of course.. to all the sweet women who shared their men for the afternoon and the ones who called and left encouraging messages on my voice mail.


Anonymous said...

It's so encouraging to see that my good friends are being well cared for. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


pops said...


What a crew of fine men and women you have to help!!

Claire Higgins said...

I'm so glad you have all of that support. How wonderful!

Great pic of you and the kids...I bet they had fun running in all the open space. :)