Maybe Maybaby?

The widget on the left of the page pooped out on me.  It started giving me extra days to be pregnant... so I removed it.  I'm feeling alright.  Jake and I are steadily plodding at the packing up of the house.  We are officially eating on the floor now.  The coffee table has been dismantled.  We do still have couches but that may not last through the weekend.  My official last day of washing clothes using my own machines will be this Sunday night and possibly Monday morning.  
I'll go to the doctor tomorrow and I anticipate they'll schedule a Non-Stress Test and maybe Sonogram to check the condition of my placenta and fluid levels in the womb.  We are getting very excited for the big day!  Yet we trust in God's timing as he has arranged everything else so perfectly.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


Claire Higgins said...

Oooookey dokey! Anytime now! Thanks for keeping us posted and rest often!

Christy said...

Please do update from your appointment when you get a chance! Hope it all went well!

Abby said...

So where's that Maybaby? Its June now:)