Sometimes I Wonder

Why I don't enjoy the small things more often, just look how happy he is!
Why I didn't start making yoghurt years ago. It's so fulfilling to get a batch done and know my husband will savor it.

How my dog could look this cute in print after he's peed on my Pottery Barn pillow.

Why I don't make scones more often knowing how soothing they are to me.

What exactly happens to all the apple skins while I'm peeling them.
If Samuel is really enjoying being strapped to my chest during a hike.
What I look like when I'm talking to other people. :(


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Thanks for the new pictures!

Shelley Mathiot said...

Cool posting. I like your photography. I've been thinking about yogurt lately too.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! And the one of you talking doesn't do you justice, because it's missing your usual smile :)

Damian said...

wow, homemade yogurt.....wish I lived closer to you so I can get some, or maybe you can teach me how...also, can you email us your new mailing address so we can send you guys Christmas card...

God bless you guys
Sandra and family

pops said...

Great pictures Christie
Now I can relate a little better to the layout of the house and of course the myriad kids!!

Karen said...

honesty pictures. i love it