Those Cookies

It occurred to me that I posted a picture of Silas licking the cookie beater clean, but none of the process of making the cookies, nor of the finished products. Christmas cookie baking is such an excellent way to incorporate a little fun loving in the kitchen, and also is a good test of where my heart's greatest affections are. Do I prefer a picked up perfect kitchen all the time, or can I too, "let my hair down" and allow the kids to have a heap of fun and then devour their heaps without batting an eye. I passed the test again this year. I find the more I let them live and learn in the kitchen the less I flip out when the messes appear and remain. Sometimes a mess is a beautiful thing, because it means life has been there!
"Where no oxen are, the manger is clean.." Proverbs 14:4


Gaines Family said...

Very fun and what wonderful little creations your sweet kids made!
I often quote that proverb to my hubbie-lol!!
Thanks for sharing!

Abby said...

Am happy to report that I too gritted my teeth (and am still crunching around the floor on granuals of Christmas "sugar" - can't seem to get it all up) and had Jason and Sam decorate sugar cookies this year. My mom used to do it with us and I was guilted into it by my great Christmas memories:)

Ours weren't nearly as elaborate as yours though but I was required to turn on the oven so that counts in our house!!!

pops said...

So Silas had a hair cut!!


Karen said...

love it!