Around the House

Girls awaiting discipline.
Little boys at play.  Notice Sam's missing his pants, he has a tendency to drop them as he crawls around the house.
Her lips and surrounding area may be orange from carrots, but the larger excitement is the missing tooth on the top row.  She was disturbed to note that she has a mild lisp now.. I think it makes her cuter.

No worries, Silas's nakedness is blurred.  The other kids are receiving some counseling and some praise;), from their dad.

Looking for someone special.


cb said...

haha very everyday!

jj said...

That is "a day in the life...." The part that gets me is that I know you don't walk around, picking stuff up before you photo -- your house is just that clean! Love you, dear friend. Tell Lib we are so happy for her. Kaylinn has a tooth loose that won't come out and it's been a week!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

nice pictures, can't wait to visit soon.

Abby said...

what? your little angels need discipline? how I could use you next door again to help with mine:)

Claire Higgins said...

great family pics!

Karen said...

The photos make it seem like I am their in the midst of it all!