The Latest, but not the Greatest..

We have had a fun time here in Monterey.  The location of this little city is the perfect setup for explorations of all parts of California.  In our backyard we can surf the waters at a local beach, up from there we can hike in the Redwoods, down from this is the highly acclaimed Big Sur, Ca where we can camp, surf, hike, play all day and still have several days left of it to see.  Though all of these things are awesome and yes, even great, they are not the greatest.  Our God, who has created it all..., Mighty Jehovah, Father of our Salvation, who has given us His Son and all other things, is the Greatest!  It is by Him we are able to enjoy anything.  I am mostly blogging  at myself this morning as I struggle to find balance between wifing, mothering, and being my Father's daughter.  I can do all of these things, but the heart of the matter is whether I am doing them joyfully.  That is what I want to be marked by, a joyful Christian, one who personifies all of these things, but let me tell you dear reader, as I tell myself, that it is hard.  There are times I am quite monstrous in my thoughts..  I am reminded that I am not great either.  This may seem like an obvious thing, but I know that when I'm struggling and fighting for joy, that maybe and most of the time I am thinking much higher of myself than I ought.. I don't deserve good things, there is nothing by my own merit that I can give myself.  I am fully reliant on the Lord for all things and my chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever!  If I could just put that knowledge into action and if the knowledge would consume and fill me when I struggle.. ahhh.  That would be sweeter and more refreshing than a tall cup of iced tea on a hot summer's day after mowing a thick muggy backyard.
I am down from my self-preaching soap box now.  Here is Libby:

We were playing in the lush, dark Muir Woods, known for its monstrous Redwood trees when we came upon a beam of clean fresh sunbeam.  I asked Libby to pose for a picture.
Trying to give justice to the massive Redwood tree is hard, but this picture gives you a glimmer of it's towering might. Did you know they are the tallest living trees and among the largest living organisms? Amazing.

Driving in San Francisco is crazy.  As you can imagine the streets are steep.  Jake thought it was funny to drive down these big street hills with his hands in the air as if it were a roller coaster.  The kids joined in too lifting there hands and squealing.  Louisa and I shut our eyes and pleaded for him to put his hands back where they belonged.

We have had fun and will continue to do so.  Thanks sweet ones for listening to me this morning.  Sometimes I need a good preaching too and putting my thoughts on this blog makes for some great accountability.  


Claire Higgins said...

a constant struggle for all of us. thank you for giving me inspiration. it is much needed. :)

Karen said...

We are born with great self love and vanity ... it is by knowing our Lord and Savior that makes us really see ourselves for who we are and who we aren't.

It is difficult to grow and mature into a lovely woman of God ... and once we get a glimpse of what that might be like .. we turn into the old man.

Keep putting on the new man ... Let us encourage one another!
Love you

Gaines Family said...

Thank you for sharing friend, I too have similar struggles. It's all a part of the journey, I suppose : ) May the Lord be magnified in our dependence upon Him.