Our Sweet, Crazy Life!

Jake's been working hard on the truck.  Just look at all the progress that he's made since I last posted about it.  He had me helping him to find a part he had dropped.  That's about all I can be trusted with ever since the hood incident with our old mazda several years ago.  I'll sum it up for you: Three fingers under the hood jammed shut, keys locked in the car, pregnant lady, ER visit, and many tears... I can confidently say that searching for missing parts is about all I'm comfortable with!

We went camping last week too.  It was the 2nd year we have been able to join our church family and go celebrate time off down at Big Sur.  It's my own sorrow that I only have pictures from the first day after we unpacked and set up the tent.  I can assure you that the above picture sums up the chaos.. but wait a minute, there was the sand shark, crabs, fat lip, 20 pound Serpentine Rock, negative pregnancy test.. I'll leave it at that.

Ben's head stuck in the zipper.

Then we had the blessing of a surprise visit from some very dear friends, the King Family.  Pictured above is the oldest child, James.  We have know this family for several years.
Anna, their 2nd born, is a true gem.  She and Jackie put on a play for us Saturday evening.
Here they are altogether.  We are so thankful they could be with us!
Samuel is going to be our drummer once we start up our family band.  See how well he beats the fire pit?  We've got a future in this I just know it.

Baby's got hair and I cannot lie... His other brothers can't deny..


pops said...


What a beautiful cast of charactors.........
You are a great photographer and a better commentator!!

cb said...

great pics Mom!

Karen said...

What dad said! thanks for posting.

dirtandrib said...

Love the song reference!
Looks like fun times!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Thanks for the update!

Team Garaway said...

sounds like a fun camping trip this year! so sad to have missed out!

Appollo Schloss said...

You are so funny..... Looks like fun, we are looking forward to some camping next spring ourselves, your pic's have me excited and ready to go!

Claire Higgins said...

so blessed you are with family and friends!! :)