Air Show

We went to the Salinas Air Show last weekend.  It's interesting because we had to pay to get in.  In Cherry Point the air show is always on the base and there isn't any fee to enter.  We got 5 dollars off per ticket since we're military.  That was nice.  We had an enjoyable time and as usual, we laughed... a lot.
During this particular portion of the Show, Silas was having a really good time.  He just loved the Bi-Planes and enjoyed the backwoods Monster Trucks.

This is one of Colby's dear friends, Will.  We were able to have him join us.  He left California on Monday and is moving to Cairo, Egypt.  Colby is sad, but was so pleased he could have Will come along with us.
Samuel was sweet and as long as Jackie shared her Garlic French Fries with him, he didn't fuss.  Despite the ongoing bribery with fries and other goodies he still wore a look of concern the entire time.  I think that's acceptable for a wee lad at his first air show.

Of course Louisa was pleased.  It is her great pleasure to be with her family, especially with her daddy!
Libby insisted she wear her little green coat, because she was cold.  She had fun for most of the time as well.

I had thought about staying home, but realized I'd miss several hours with my family so I decided to go too.  It's a strange thing to see an air show as it draws many strange people, myself included ;) 
Here's Benjamin James and Will, again.  Ben enjoys Will's friendship almost as much as his big brother.  

 We were all having a blast until the Thunderbirds showed up.  The Thunderbirds are the Air Force's version of the Blue Angels.  I must say they were good, but I'm partial to the Marine Corps Blue Angels and the Blue Angels can outperform the Thunderbirds any day of the week.  Sure that's strong talk, but this is my blog and I am a Marine Wife so, if you have family in the Air Force and you're feeling a little offended right now than boo hoo.

Despite not being the Blue Angels, The Thunderbirds were very good and very loud too.  

During the big arrival of the Thunderbirds something happened to my children.  Libby got in Silas's backpack and the two of them prostrated themselves right there at the airshow.  Their little ears were plugged and Libby cried off and on.  It was a very strange situation.  Once the Thunderbirds left, they recovered and we all went home.

This little guy fell asleep right away.  Just check out that dear little arm hold.  I wanted to climb back there and kiss him on the side of his soft little cheek.  Sleep tight Samuel.


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

great story and pictures!

Claire Higgins said...

Love family outings! Thanks for the great pics!

pops said...

looks like movie stars with all those hats and shades........

Karen said...

What a great adventure. I loved the camera effects. You need to tell me the setting. You are such a great photographer.