Our Sweet Lil' Libby is 5!

It seems like only yesterday.
Libby turned 5 today!  Actually, we celebrated her birthday yesterday.  She didn't know that yesterday wasn't Sept. 30, we just told her it was her birthday and when you are 5, you believe your parents.  We had our parents call her too, so really everything went as planned.  So Libby, when you are older and you read this blog, please know that we absolutely adore you and we would only move your birthday up a night for dance lessons.  
Punching balloons.  What fun!
Silas thought it was great too.
Sam didn't understand that you must hold it by the string, so he spent his time chasing the balloons.
As I'm discovering in my photos, Silas spent most of the evening without a shirt on.  After balloons it was time for dinner and then onto the long awaited gifts.  Libby could hardly wait!  She was so excited to open up her new things.  She received fun little treasures from her brothers and sisters and of course us too.  Once the gifts were done and the family prayer, it was time for cake!
Just look at that joyful response.

Yay Libby!
I'd say they had fun.

Happy Birthday Libby Lee.  We had such a good time celebrating your sweet life yesterday.  You are such a dear girl and we are so very thankful for you.  Your personality brings a brilliant glow to our family life and we can't imagine living a day without you.  Happy birthday my darling beautiful girl!


Christy said...

FIVE??? I can hardly believe it!
But I can say with certainty that I don't know a more adorable five year old.

Happy Birthday Libby!

pops said...

Looks like GOOD Chocolate cake!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Libby!!!!!!!

jj said...

Happy Birthday, Libby! We love you, too....

All the Jacksons

Karen said...

The wild eyed, blonde cutie is 5! How time flies .. happy birthday sweet thing. We love you!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

thanks for the pictures, happy birthday Libby!

Abby said...

Seems like yesterday we were both prego with the five year olds (well, I almost have a five year old)...