BRV = Big Red (Sometimes Difficult to Drive) Van

This post is probably coming out of left field, but that's where my brain has been lately.

The BRV has proven to be a very reliable vehicle for our family.  When we realized we'd outgrown the Suburban back in November of 2008 we were reluctant to go with a 15 passenger vehicle. Perhaps this was more of an indicator of a pride issue than anything else.  However, once we started the hunt for the perfect van, the search became fun.  We didn't want a white van for numerous reasons, one of which is that numerous Govy vehicles are white and also numerous church vans are white.  Even though we are a small picture of a church we didn't want the white van.  We knew we wanted a diesel.. Actually, Jake knew we wanted a diesel. I just trusted him with this point. My biggest issue was the sliding door. I absolutely didn't want to be dealing with the dual doors on the side of the van.  I had concerns of pinched fingers and narrow parking spots.  So, we looked North and South, East and West and finally found one in Michigan.  At 15 or maybe it was 16 thousand we knew it was the van for us.  With under 35 thousand miles and meeting all of the basic Reynolds requirements we called and made an offer.  Jake and Colby flew out and picked the van up.

Months later the van faithfully brought us over the continental United States towing Jake's Classic Chevy all the way. It was Samuel's first home and my place of recovery from having just given birth.  Yes, the BRV was and is a good van.

Fast forward and the van is a big part of us.  It's the big loud part of us that unnerves our neighbors during the wee hours of the morning for Jake's surfing dawn-patrols. It's also the alarm of warning that the Reynolds are approaching for anyone who might want to flee.  Did I mention its' size?  Oh yes, I'm sure I did..  In fact, I've managed to take out a cart return in a Target parking lot..  You know the extra long aluminum barriers that take up an entire parking spot for all of the mothers who have to park way out so that they may visit the Bulls Eye Boutique..  Yes, that's the one.  I put a scratch the length of one my daughters across the side of it pulling out of there one day. It was a humble moment seeing the cart return morph from it useful state into an oblique mess.  Then there was the time I caused Whole Foods to jack up the price of the their food... yes, you can blame it on me.  I was trying to park the van at a fun little shopping center near our home.  Someone earlier in the day had clearly parked at the shopping center and ended up across the center at the Whole Foods.  They walked the buggy all the way over to the parking lot where we ended parking later and ditched it.  When I was parking I saw the little buggy and thought I could bump it out of the way.. That didn't work.  Move forward a day and we are unloading kids in the church parking lot.  Jake walks around in front of the van and in a firmer dad voice demands to know who was coloring on the van with the green marker... I had to confess.  I had completely forgotten about the little W. F. buggy incident the day prior.  Then just this week I was driving 65 mph on the Highway and some fancy little white car came to a complete stop in front of me.  Apparently there was some busted up plywood on the 4 lane highway she didn't want to run over with her little white car.  I tried slamming on the breaks only to feel the van go into convulsions and I started to lose control, instinctively I took my foot off of the pedal and whizzed by her on the right hand shoulder, no doubt spraying the unwanted plywood which was there, on her car.

So, the BRV is a different kind of beast.  It's bigger and like big things it's harder to slow it down and maneuver well.  Perhaps my own state of hormonal clumsiness has something to do with my bad parking and driving habits or perhaps not.

I am very thankful for the van.  I am very thankful for the van. I am very thankful for the van. I am, really.  It's just big and I'm getting that way myself and the two of us seem to be at odds. I would also like to mention the the Black Beast is about to be back in our lives again and I'm only mildly excited about it.
Black Beast


JLR said...

Um, we got the van in Minnesota, not Michigan. I'm sure glad that I do the navigating. Who knows which state we'd actually end up in this spring otherwise.

Christy said...

If it means that you'll end up in NC then by all means let Christie do the driving!!!

All kidding aside, we're thrilled that you'll be back on the East Coast! Woohoo!

Karen said...

I think you need to write stories! You are great at story telling. Where did you learn to do that?
I like the BRV and the black beast. My time in both vehicles have been truly delightful. Like your home .. they are full of laughs and lots of love!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

great story, you need to consider writing short stories in all your free time.