Because, when I was little I thought the song went like this, "That's the sound of the men working on the train... yay eeeh yang."

The Reynolds would like to thank Grammie Higgins, Grandma Hardesty, Aunt Becky and Uncle Bill for the Christmas monies you sent our way.  We polled the kids after Christmas and it was unanimous that a Train Ride was in order!  

Colby and Samuel before boarding the train.

Blue eyes, I mean green eyes, I mean both colorful eyes, Libby's got colorful eyes!

We were so cold and so thankful we could form a human sandwich.

Little lap warmers.

He is so, so handsome.  I never thought he could become more handsome and yet, he has!

Such sweet little hands that trust daddy's.

A family shot.

We had so, so much fun.  Thank you dear ones for being so generous to us.  


Jen said...

ohmygoodness you all should have gone LAST weekend with us... it was sunny and warm and glorious!

Karen said...

I want to be in the human sandwich .. I want to be the filling .. not the end pieces!
Who is handsome? Jake? Yeah he is!
Yes those little hands do trust daddy.

dirtandrib said...

Look how tall the kids are getting. Especially Louisa!
Glad you had so much fun. Make the most of your time in the West!

Gaines Family said...

Yay! Such fun. Great pictures!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

wonderful family fun!

Maryn said...

Looks like fun! That is on our list to do as well.

Appollo Schloss said...

Beautiful photos