Pictures, Pictures,

There were never such crazy pictures...

We have been busy, truly we have. So busy that we all have colds right now because we're run down from all of the comings and goings. I'll try to give a quick recap of the past week.  

Last Friday, Jake and I went out to eat to a Dinner Banquet.  It was one organized by the local Pregnancy Resource Center.  They were doing a fundraiser to benefit women and their unborn children.  I asked Jackie to snap a picture of me before leaving.

610 is not how much I weigh.

Jake and I enjoying a quick kiss before leaving the kids for the night.
The week between last Friday and this one flew by! Our trailer arrived and with it came the emotions of moving.  The loading ramp was missing from the trailer, so Jake and his crew of strong men set out to load the trailer without a ramp.  It's amazing how God equipped men to be.  So strong and motivated.  If it was me and some ladies who were to load a trailer I think I'd insist that we sit back and sip tea until the ramp arrived.

Today came the much anticipated day of graduation.  Jake had worked very hard for 21 months as had his family.  We were proud and relieved to see him cross the stage.  Samuel was a little stinker during the ceremony and I was taken back in memory to a similar time when Jake was getting Winged as a Naval Aviator and Colby was just a little bit older than Samuel is now, but boy did he give me a hard time that day.  It's funny because on this day Colby was helping me with Samuel.. I don't think back then I would have ever imagined a finer 14 year old young man helping me with a little toddler fit now.

Following the graduation we headed over to the Del Monte Hotel for the reception.  It was pouring down rain outside and because we've packed everything useful into the trailer we were pretty wet by the time we walked the short distance to the hotel.
  Samuel's mood quickly changed when he was given this cookie, notice it's nearly the size of half his head. He ended up with two of them and a some cake.
 Then it was time to cut the cake.  The children were so excited to see their daddy unsheathe his sword and slice the cake in half.  I have to admit I was pretty proud too.
This is my favorite picture.  They're all posing for a different camera, so I got the sweeter, profile view.

I can tell you that Jake could care less about what President Oliver is saying, he'd really just like to lick the blade of the sword. 

No worries, he made the right choice and used the provided napkin to wipe the blade clean.

Family Photo.

Lt. Larkin, Major Lizarraga, and my man.
The day was busy, but so sweet too.  We wouldn't have had it any other way.  We had several friends trek down from church to support Jake.  Thank you Pastor Farley, Bertsch Family, Benjamin Flores, and Bill Garaway for making the trip.  Our time was even more blessed knowing such dear people were there too!


Jen said...

You look beautiful Mama and I LOVE the family photo. Congrats to Jake. Miss you all and safe travels to your new home.

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Jake you are the first family member in the immediate Reynolds family to receive a Masters degree we could not be prouder, Christie you look beautiful in your late pregnancy and we also remember the day when Jake got his wings and how out of control Colby was.

Appollo Schloss said...

You are breath taking Christie, you locks are stunning. Hooray for graduating, and strong work on the self-control, icing is so tempting, mmmmm....

Jen and Geoff said...

You look so beautiful! The rest of the family looks great too of course:) Congrats to Jake!

Karen said...

wow wow wow! congratulations Jake! we couldn't be more proud of you.
Christie look radiant as ever.
Your dear sweet family .. no words for my feelings.
love you all so much.

Beck said...

Wow, Christie, you look amazing. And congratulations to Jake! We love you guys, we pray for you as God puts you on our hearts, and it's so great to be able to "see" how you're doing through your blog. :)

Claire Higgins said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing!

God is good. :)