Hazel getting rocked by her older, adoring brother.

An invitation to play from Silas.. Check out the lego block he put on her. Glad I came out of my room when I did.

Ben had to wait the longest to hold Hazel because he had a fever when we came home from the hospital.  He was so pleased to finally have his turn.

At one point the two of them were licking the beater at the same time. It's hard to resist a bit of yummy goodness.

I promise she does open her eyes.. I'm just too busy holding her when they are open. :)


Appollo Schloss said...

They are absolutely precious.

dirtandrib said...

Sweet pictures. Silas is looking like his brother Ben to me. There have been a few posts where at a quick glance I have mistaken him for Ben.

Maryn said...

What a doll!

Karen said...

Love the pictures! I wish I could have seen them licking the beater together. How sweet is that!

CHiggins said...

Love them all!!