Silas Jacob is 4!!

Around the table playing with new hotwheels

Spiderman made a guest appearance

Just Cheeky!

The Party Goers
Of course we had a great time celebrating Silas.  He knew his special day was coming and asked his siblings, Jake and me quite often, "How many days til my birfday?" It was really sweet. For dinner he requested hotdogs, homemade french fries, and a chocolate cake. Easy enough for me.

Truly it was a great party and even with Jake's late hours these days the late sunset made it feel like a lot of time to celebrate.  Happy Birthday little man of the forest.

It seems like yesterday that he was born.  Silas, we are so thankful for you. You are a treasure to us and we all admire your very sweet countenance. May you grow to glorify the Lord in whatever you do.


Karen said...

Sweet boy ... He is such a treasure! It is always a treat to see the family celebrate each other. Thanks for sharing and posting! Happy Birthday Silas!

Jen and Geoff said...

How can he be four already? What a sweet family:)

CHiggins said...

What a beautiful little guy!!

Happy Birfday Silas!!

Appollo Schloss said...

Happy Birthday to Silas, our New Testament buddy!

How fast these boys have grown.

shana bartlett said...

Happy Birthday Silas! I remember the day we met you at TCC and realized you and Adam were a week apart. So fun!
Christie, we have been sad thinking about you all not being with us at Big Sur. You will be VERY missed!!!

Maryn said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Silas!