Guess who's 6!

It's Libby, that's who. The sweet, dear little thing had a birthday. We had so much fun celebrating her. 
 We ate spaghetti and meatballs, her request of course.
 There were party hats. Benjamin took 4 of them. Go figure.
Hazel came and celebrated too. I think this picture is so sweet. It's one that will bring memories back to us of a sweet day. ;)
 Jackie is lovely and had a beautiful set of gifts for Libby. All of them were handmade and included a marble bag, a quilt, and some homemade play dough. The play dough ended up as a gift from Colby. I'm not sure how that came about. I don't care to know either.
 Samuel was very excited about the party. In the morning, once the decorations went up, the little guy was beaming. Good thing the cake was up high. Otherwise he might get into it..
Smothered under the pink frosting was a yummy, moist devil's food cake. It was fabulous!
 Here's the little beauty. She was so pleased and was the star of the evening.
 Samuel was just too cute to miss the opportunity to snap a picture.
 Jackie and Silas. Sweet babies.
 Louisa Jean, the closest sister in age to sweet Lib, was pleased to celebrate her first baby sister.
Look closely. You'll see the ceiling is sprinkled with sticky frogs and fingers. We had a great time with the party favors. If any of you, who know us well, were to come into our home you'd probably be able to guess that we were celebrating Libby Lee. 

Libby Lee, age 2.

Libby Lee, you are one of my greatest treasures. I can't imagine my life without you little girl! We all enjoy you so very much. Thank you for bringing so much laughter into our home. May you enjoy many more wild birthday parties with us and even more with your own children one day. Happy birthday darling.

Below is a video from Jake's phone of a very small portion of the birthday event. Enjoy.


Jen and Geoff said...

Love the pictures and video! Such a sweet and beautiful family. Thank you for sharing, and happy birthday, Libby!

Karen said...

Ok ... that would have been just what I expected! Happy Birthday sweet Libby!
In the video Hazel was doing the woo whooo! Jackie and Louisa love to dance and celebrate, I see Colby trying to master the yoyo, Benjamin isn't sure where to wear his hat, Samuel could have got the cake, I don't believe for an instant it was safe, and Silas needed help getting his cowboy suit on. What a party!!!
Oh ... I figured out why you celebrated a day early. One day in the not so distant future, you guys may not get away with that :) just saying!

Jackie Lynn said...

That was a great birthday, Libby looks a lot like sam in one of the pictures! Love you Mom!! Happy birthday libby!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

Love all the pictures and the video!

CHiggins said...

love the pics, the commentary and the Libby turns six party!!
Happy Birthday little one!!
Oh, and love the Little House on the Prairie hats the boys wear!!

Beck said...

Wow, we remember Libby as she looks in the 2 year old picture! You guys are such a wonderful, blessed family. It's so great to 'see' you here on your blog --and Noel and Emma loved watching the party video. Fun fun! :)

Brittany Martin said...

How fun to get to see your family for 2 whole minutes!
Happy Birthday, Libby!

Hua said...

What a fun time! What a blessed family....and birthday girl. Happy Birthday, Libby!

Maryn said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Libby-dear! We loved seeing the pictures from the sweet event!