These Days.

We are living a lot! Sounds funny, but much living is happening here. We have been homeschooling, celebrating, dressing up, sinning, confessing, forgiving, celebrating some more, taking pictures, sewing, more homeschooling, exercising our stubborn bodies, waking up earlier than the ancient sun, and sleeping. There's a lot more in there that I didn't mention like changing diapers... You know I've been changing diapers for 14 and 1/2 years. I think I've had 10 days in there where Jake and I have had days away... Oops this wasn't supposed to be a post about dirty diapers, sorry.

Here's Libby. For starters, the little girl has been doing a lot of growing. She's getting so tall, and is so fun. She's an official Kindergartner/First grader this year. I am so glad we didn't push Kindergarten last year because she's really excelling this year and the little work I did with her last year is paying off this year, now that she's ready for real school.
Check her out, rain boots, braids, smiles.

Such a dear, innocent little thing. 
 Silas too, has been changing. He's grown a bit, but has become crazy about cowboys. He calls himself a real cowboy and dresses up as one almost every single day.
Here he is sporting his "Woody" hat, boots, and rope from his poppa.

That's one good looking kid!
Then there's Jackie. She's taking half of her courses online this year. She's studying Logic, the great books, and theology. She loves her classes. She also has begun Algebra and is doing very well.
Such a lovely young lady.
 I mentioned sewing. I had the notion in my heart to build a quilt for Hazel. It was going to be called the, "Eight Squared Quilt." Because Hazel's 8th in a line of children I had decided to build 8 octagons, consisting of 8 different shades. You know, everything 8! As I built the octagons I realized that the baby quilt was going to be the size of a twin size bed quilt. That's not much fun for a little girl to run around with, so I split the quilt in two, creating two different backings. The 8 octagons will be shared between Hazel and her cousin, Katherine. If they're ever together they can sit on their quilts and have a grand cousin tea party.
The two side by side.

This is the back of Katherine's.
 Then there is sweet Louisa and strong Benjamin. There isn't a picture of Benjamin recently. I think that's because I can never seem to find him. Even when it's time for school on some days. Not to worry, tis good to have things to work out, right? Louisa is doing fabulous with school. I've seen a marked improvement just from the summer break. She even mastered a Math addition test that she couldn't come close to mastering last year. Way to go Lou! Now for Benjamin, Louisa told him how she wanted to be a Police Girl when she grows up. Benjamin told her, "You can't do that Louisa, your husband is going to take care of you." Very protective, I love it.
Girls on quilt.
 Then Colby suddenly pops in the post. He's a freshman this year! He's learning that with each year of life comes a bit more responsibility. He's working hard and being pressed hard. He's a fine young man. We are so, so proud of him.
Colby and Hazel.
Don't think it's all perfect and rosy around here. Samuel, of all of the kids, has the most boisterous disobedience problems. It's a sweet kindness of the Lord that we can help him deal with this now, so that he doesn't get away with it and then rebel when he's older. Samuel is so cute, his hair is growing longer. We still haven't cut it yet, so it's pretty gnarly. We love the little boy and we spend a lot of time laughing at him. He does the cutest little antics.

To sum up, we are all sinners living together and that sin comes out in different forms, trust me. As a matter of fact a certain person had a history worksheet to do this week. One question on the assignment said to, "Describe the Barbarians." The person answered on the paper, "They were normal people." After I laughed, I contemplated counting the answer correct for this person, because all normal people are sinful people, and sinful people are capable of barbaric actions. All sin is barbaric and even our good works are filthy rags. In the end, I was concerned the point might be missed. The person was able to come up with the correct barbaric answer. We aren't acting Barbaric around here, don't get the wrong impression, but we are acting like normal people and yet we are fighting the great fight and looking for our Redeemer. Come Lord, quickly.


Christy said...

Such sweet pictures Christie. Thanks for posting.

Appollo Schloss said...

Sweet, beautiful, handsome, lovely, cute and handsome again!
It's great to hear from your heart!

john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

What a great wild happy family, we love you all from your equally sinful grandparents who also can't wait to go to our eternal home.

CHiggins said...

Beautiful writing and pictures..........

TMGaines said...

Amen! Well said, as usual. Great pics and the quilts look beautiful. As always, thanks for sharing : )

Jen and Geoff said...

Love your beautiful family! We are in VA and settled. We will need to try to set up a time to visit!

Karen said...

I love it when you post pictures of the kids. But I am beginning to wonder about Ben ... where is he?
I am sure he is somewhere in Benjamin land ... slaying dragons and killing squirrels!