I can not believe that today is Jake's 38th birthday. It amazes me. I've known this dear man for such a long time. We have lived a lot of life together and I'm humbled that he is mine. I never thought I'd be married to such a devoted, wise, amazing man. 
Tomorrow we will celebrate his day with cake, punch, and lasagna. Jake has grown from a young man who thought mostly of baseball and how to pass an accounting class to a humble man of the Lord, father of 8, husband to an utterly crazy Texas girl, and a stunning Officer of the Marine Corps.. did I mention how handsome he is???
Jake, we are so proud of you and thank the Lord for your work in taking excellent care of this family and pleasing the Lord in your doing so. You are a treasure to us all and the crown of your children. 


Update 2/25/12 We celebrated and I snapped some pictures of the sweetness:

Normal and Sweet
Crazy and Still Sweet
Who Needs a Fire Extinguisher?


john.reynolds1@mac.com said...

dito! Mom and Dad

dirtandrib said...

38 and still surfing is amazing! Happy Birthday, Jake!

CHiggins said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!
Love you guys

BTW I think you were born in Maine
Pretty Lady :)

CLR said...

Daddy, you are right.. I'm a crazy yankee texas girl.. Never knew there could be such a thing!

Appollo Schloss said...

Happy Birthday to Jake from the Schloss'!

CLRogers said...

Happy Birthday Jake! You are a blessed man!!

Jackie Lynn said...

Happy Happy Birthday Dad!! I look crazy in the third pic

Jen and Geoff said...

Haha, LOVE Hazel's expression in the crazy picture. She's like...what in the world??? Happy birthday, Jake!

Karen said...

Happy NATAL day Jake! I know you celebrated your life, because I know what your family does. I am glad they got to share in the excitement of your existence! I love you so much and i admire you! You are a good, wise, descent, and "yes" handsome man of God.
"You are part of my people" and my people know my sign!!!

JLR said...

Hey D&R, I don't merely surf, I rip. But thanks for the b-day wish nonetheless.