My Sweet, Crazy Life!

Since I touched down back here at home from Mexico, I haven't stopped going. My little life is extremely full and almost every minute is spoken for. It's fun and I'm learning how to manage it and be joyful about it too. Way back when in Monterey time we pulled out of all extracurricular activities for a time. We added in a bit of ballet at the end of our time there, even that was fairly light. Since moving back to the eastern seaboard we have been busy, but mainly with family things. I say things, but I'm speaking of a huge move, a 9th pregnancy, giving birth (phew), a wedding, camping, homeschooling, parenting in the thick, Church Retreat, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mexico, and that's not including being hospitable and church activities. Okay, time to breath right? Well, not really. It's time to breath in and out only more rapidly.

We have dived headlong into Speech Therapy for little man Sam. This is twice a week for the little guy. That involves about 2 hours of driving. We also have put Jackie and Louisa in a homeschooling strings instructional class. They are playing the viola and violin.. respectively. Jackie, Lou and Benjamin are also singing in a chorus. These activities require 2 hours of driving. Then Colby has coop for Biology, another hour++ of driving. That's about 5 hours so far and we're not talking about doctors, dentists, orthodontists and the fact that we live in a state of the pantry almost always being eaten clean. So, lots of driving. I pack a lunch for myself 2 days a week. In my sweet little bag are a veggie burger-SO GOOD- and fruit with a jar of Nutella! Why oh why did I have to make this discovery with my mother? We might as well buy stock in it pronto. 

We also have endeavored to put the young men back into baseball. They each will be playing with the city and are excited. They do daily workouts to get themselves ready. If you want details on that, ask Jake. 

Libby and Silas are sweet and just recently went to a "birfday" party. Silas still gets tongue tied over that word. Libby is reading now and likes it.

Hazel, my sweet little Hazel. She is a dolly. We all fight over her when she's pleasant and flee from her when she's fussing, except me of course ;). 
Below are some pictures of her I snapped before her nap today. So, yes, they are recent and accurate.

I pray that each of you are well. I would love to hear from you and would love to see anyone who shows up at our doorstep, just be prepared to take some rides in the BRV with me. 

I also want to say thank you for signing up for the Veritas Press Coupon. I should be able to save $70.00 on a book order because of you all. It's so helpful to our family budget, so thanks again!


Linda said...

So good to hear a family update! We're all doing great, just running at a little slower pace than you :)

Jen and Geoff said...

Sounds busy and fun! Little Hazel is breathtaking. Thanks for posting the pics!

Anonymous said...

Little Hazel seems to get more beautiful every day!!

Claire Higgins said...

Love the update! 5 hours!? Sigh. You are a saint. And don't say you aren't. ;)

Thanks for the fill-in...makes me feel closer to the fam.

CHiggins said...

Good Lord I'm glad i'm not furnishing that pantry!!

Love you dear Christie

Tiffany Gaines said...

Thank you for sharing and what adorable pictures ; ) I'm taking a total shot in the dark here, but Hazel looks a lot like Colby to me (it has been a while though-lol).

dirtandrib said...

A few things.... 1. Nutella is awesome 2. My dad says "birfday" 3. I need Jake's work out for Beau 4. When can I come?

Anonymous said...

sweet pics of Hazel! At these very busy points in life I start the mantra "at least I'm not morning sick." Love you, friend.

Karen said...

OH ... I love your posts.
I am writing and catching up today. You just played me and I have to make a play (WWF's )
You are a busy sweet mommy.
Love the update and the pictures of sweet Hazel.

CLRogers said...

So love the Hazel pictures! And yes, Nutella rocks! hehe.

Katie said...

Isn't she just lovely!!! Such a sweet little beauty.