One Week Down!

We homeschooled again this week. We have been anticipating another year of school all Summer. We put it off so that we could start at the official end of Summer. So, we waited for the Labor Day weekend to come. Came it did and we lounged and played and ate and made homemade strawberry ice cream with the strawberries that we picked at the beginning of Summer. It was sweet.. both the ice cream and the Labor Day. We didn't labor much, only a few chores including mounds of laundry and grass clipping, but even that took a small portion of what seemed to be an extraordinarily long day. Then we went to bed and Tuesday was here. It came early and school started with the usual blast of shock and awe. God was kind in all of it, as He always is. He sent us gusts of rain and without a desire to play outside we sat at our table and hammered away at our new year of subjects and studies. Silas started Kindergarten, Libby 1st grade, Louisa 4th grade, Benjamin 6th grade, Jackie 8th grade and Colby 10th grade. What a glorious week. I didn't yell. I did get agitated about a couple of minor things, but even then the Lord allowed me to see clearly what was really at hand.

Also, Colby was offered a job! He's going to work the fall season at a local plantation. He gets to wear overalls and a red shirt. We can't wait. He wants to open a checking account and have a debit card. Fun times ahead for our first born. We are so proud. I'll put some pictures below of our family photo shoot in Texas this Summer. Our heartiest thanks to Barnett Photography in Longview.


dirtandrib said...

Yay! for first week of school to an amazing mama and teacher. Love the pictures. The kids are growing.

Christy said...

These pictures, along with the ones you posted on Facebook, are STUNNING! I cannot stop looking at them. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Tiffany said...

Beautiful new pics, what a lovely family! Huge congrats on a victorious schooling week : D