This blog, neglected again.

The blog may be neglected, but the family is not. We are splendidly busy. School is in session. Jake is busy with work. Long hours, long days, long dinners to catch up everyone with what was missed. These are sweet times. I think I've said it before, but we are so thankful. Thankful for this day, this time, these faces that look us in the eyes every morning ready to absorb what we tell them, ready to face the world in their own due time.

We have had so many friends enduring such terrible, difficult things lately. We are humbled that our days are peaceful thus far. I admit that I fear the time that the Lord would bring trials our way. I love things how they are, but confess I know that these times are fleeting. So, I'm going to make the most of them while I have them.

Colby starts his job Sunday. There was a snafu with scheduling and he's missing church. Not good. We will have that corrected this week. Colby is enjoying his school year and has decided to team up with the Air Force upon graduation from high school. We will forgive him for not choosing the Marines.. Just Joking! We are proud of him. He's so determined and has his eyes set on the F-35. He's running frequently and boastfully whizzes past Jake when they run. Calling him names such as, "old man.." eeeehh.

Jackie is bowing the viola (is that even a phrase?) and has started back up with the ballet. We were inept and she's had a year and a half off. She's thrilled to be back in it. We are proud of her. I was chuckling at Jackie this week. She was so happy that she only needed to run 2.5 miles for her training. She's come a long way since backing out of a 1 mile run. Way to go, sweet thang!

Benjamin is cool. We are so thankful and humble still after his report from the Doctor. He's become the pull-up king. Jake put out a prize of $50 for 10 dead hangs, Marine Corps style of course, and Benjamin succeeded. I wish I could do just one. Benjamin is now owner of a few relic baseball cards thanks to the prize money.

Louisa is a darling. She's learning her violin and is taking ballet. She is starting to find her way around the kitchen as well. The sweet gal chose the recipe for Coffee House Scones from the Joy of Baking webpage. She has mastered the recipe and will be moving onto something else a little more challenging for her next kitchen creation.

Libby is also in ballet and let me tell you; she loves it! She's a sweet little girl. Her birthday is this weekend. She just lost her front tooth. Such a cute little face to see with that gaping hole in her mouth. School is coming along well for her and she is loving doing her math meetings with Silas.

Speaking of Silas, math meetings make his day. He's learning his letters and numbers. One of the favorite parts of my day is to pour my coffee and sit down beside him while he works on his number and letters. Such a sweet little boy.

Samuel is too much fun. He loves legos and trains right now. He has to keep his precious things in his firm grasp otherwise Hazel runs off with them. He is potty trained now thanks to his love of trains. Has the, "POO POO CHOO CHOO" been to your house lately? :)

Hazel is our little baby. She is so sweet. She runs around the house creating all manner of mischief. She has so much hair. I have to use bobby pins or, "Barbie Pins" as Libby would call them, to keep the hair out of her eyes. She wakes up every morning with wild Hobbit hair.. Such a sweet little pee. She has lots of words she's fumbling around with.

I'm fine. Still drinking coffee, still eating chocolate. Some things never change.


CHiggins said...
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CHiggins said...

Thanks Christie !

I Love your narratives on all the goings on :)

Appollo Schloss said...

Glad you are all well and enjoying this season.

Karen said...

thanks for the update. I love to hear what is going on with all my little dears.
I was thankful to talk with Libby and Jackie today. Such darling girls. I love you all!

Anonymous said...

how fun! Love you mom!

Claire Higgins said...

Thanks for the beautiful update. :)